Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dance Christmas Party

 Rylie's dance class had a cute Christmas party and ornament exchange yesterday.
Before class with her ornament gift she brought

The girls played a game with the moms first-a "snowball" fight.

The girls won and had more snowballs on their team vs the moms.

Then they did the ornament exchange

Rylie and another girl swapped gifts and hugged. So cute!

She loves her ornament she received!

Then they had pizza and treats

Rylie and Kendall with their friends
Remy saw them eating grapes and threw a HUGE fit because she wanted some too. We almost left early because she was screaming and I wasnt feeling good with a sinus infection and ear ache. But Rylie really wanted to stay so we stuck it out. I hated for her to miss her party fun.

Hugs with Kendall at the end!
Rylie got a new pink tree for her room this year since her walls arent pink anymore. We used her old pink/green ornaments from 2 years ago and also got a new angel for it. She put her new dance party ornament on there when we got home.

Just some cute other christmas things on her dresser.

And Remy's tree from last year in her room with a new angel on it!
I finally got into the Dr in the afternoon and both girls went with me. Rylie insisted on bringing her own Dr tools and while we waited (for a long time) for the Dr to come back, Rylie did her own checkup on me. She had me cracking up saying "can you take a deep breathe for me?" Yes, breathe, not breath. And had me lay on the table. It was so cute and I was just glad I finally got meds to get rid of this infection that kept coming back since Thanksgiving!

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