Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve was different this year. For the first time in 8 Christmases, we didnt go to David's church he works at downtown for their program. They werent televising this year so David didnt have to work. So we went to our new church in our neighborhood for that service, then got some hot chocolate and drove around looking at Christmas lights!
When we got home, Rylie put out her reindeer food she made at school. Poor thing thought she was going to get to FEED the reindeer that night herself. She didnt realize she'd just throw it out for them to eat later and that she wouldn't actually get to see them until we explained it to her.

Our front door decor

David was bathing Remy while Rylie and I were outside and then we saw a baby in a diaper on the bridge!

After we came in and did Rylie's bath, there was a letter from Dina, Rylie and Remy's Elf!!! Since Rylie has just loved Dina so much, Santa told Dina it would be ok if each girl gave her one hug before she left that night! Since she wont be back until next Thanksgiving.

OH BOY! Can you just see the Christmas magic in this photo?? I love it!

Rylie was SO EXCITED!
(In case you dont know the story, you cant touch your elf or the magic will go away. So she's been longong to hug her elf for years and never could! This was a special treat Santa said she could give one hug and her magic wouldn't go away.)

Remy's turn!

Remy didnt get what the big deal was and threw Dina on the floor! LOL

Then Dina went back on the tree and Rylie said goodbye to her. Remy wasnt into the Christmas Eve activities so we put her to bed and David read Rylie "The Night Before Christmas" since he's usually working at his church and doesnt get to.
I've really not been into Christmas this year....which is highly unusual for me. It just didnt feel like Christmas this year. I dont know....but this just shows you how out of it I was. David read Rylie the story and we tucked her in bed and started cleaning up the kitchen. Then I realized we never put out cookies and milk for Santa!

So I got Rylie back up out of bed so she could do that real quick. I couldn't believe I'd forgotten about one of the main things we do on Christmas Eve! Glad I remembered about it in time!

Later on Santa made his stop and everyone had a good night sleep.

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