Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

The girls were awake bright and early!! We locked Rylie's door so she wouldn't come down before we were ready but she went into Remy's room and was just talking to her, telling her all about it! So cute!
Finally they came running in! (Remy's running behind her in the kitchen)

Rylie was so excited! And said "Santa did this and this!" pointing to her gifts and his plate of cookies gone.

Remy went straight for her car!

Rylie's top wish was the Brave movie and it came in her stocking!

Love this of the girls checking out their goodies!

Remy thought the babydoll bed was for her to sit on and she opened her stocking on it.

Ready to open her gifts!

Remy's loot!

Rylie's other top wish was the Pocahontas barbie with clothes set and Capt John Smith barbie!

Remy got some cute toys from sister
And a new baby doll that looks just like she did at birth! She loves baby dolls right now!
Then our Christmas morning got interesting. We had storms coming and it was super windy out. We lost power about 10 or 11? Then my phone had this siren going off and it was an alert (that I apparently now get?) saying "severe weather in your area, tornado warning, take shelter now." I looked outside in one direction-blue skies with no clouds......the other direction-huge dark gray clouds heading to us. So we waited until they passed before we headed to David's mom's house. We still didnt have power so I couldn't use my hair straightner and put my on makeup in the dark lol
But we finally made it to Mimi's for Christmas with them!

They were excited to see Mimi and Gaga!

Mimi and her big girl

Rylie's FAV gift by far! She's played with this everyday so much!
Remy loves her baby doll from uncle Daniel too!

David, Rylie, and Remy playing with Remy's magnetic blocks aunt Lana sent her. I caught her smiling then.....

Got this face! Ha!

They were so cute playing these together!
Merry Christmas everyone!


Miranda said...

How do you get the weather alert? I always worry about that since there are no sirens around here.

Ashlee said...

I have no idea! I think it's a Verizon thing? I also got an alert last week for an Amber Alert. My phone makes this weird siren noise I'd never heard before and it showed up like a txt msg but it's all in red.