Friday, November 16, 2012

Wednesday Colors and Kindermusik!

I have to start off with this cute 5 year old.
Wednesday was brown and yellow day. I'd gotten this yellow skirt for like $4 last year at Osh Kosh so I really wanted brown tights and shirt to go with it. Took me awhile but I found them both at Old Navy Tuesday! I thought she looked so so cute!
Remy had her normal Kindermusik Wed too. I realized I havent taken photos of her there in awhile so I took a lot this week.
The wisk is her new favorite thing!
Sitting in my lap for the hello song
Listening to the teacher do the knock knock and doorbell sounds
Ooooo! Wood sticks!
Tap. Tap. Tap.
Picking out some scarves
Playing peek a boo with them.
Then she climbed in the tub!
And just hung out with the scarves
So cute how she loves this and runs straight for the towels when Miss Sandy pulls them out. We had a great class and she's improving each week with listening and doing the activities despite being younger than the others and never having done this before.

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