Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toothfairy's First Visit!

Rylie woke up from nap Friday and said she had a sore in her mouth and tasted blood. I didnt see a sore but instead her bottom tooth moved! She was so excited to have her first loose tooth! We talked about what would happen when it fell out and about the toothfairy visiting. She wanted to tell everyone we came across all about her loose tooth! We watched The Santa Clause 2 Friday night that has a boy toothfairy so she's convinced now "her" toothfairy's a boy. Then Saturday after lunch her tooth was about to pop out! It was literally hanging out pretty good.
I took this photo after lunch.
We ran errands getting all our Thanksgiving food and she asked me every 2 minutes "Wanna see my tooth now? Is it out yet?"
We got home and I was unloading groceries and Rylie asked for a poptart. I said no and when I finished I couldn't find the poptart box. I asked Rylie and she said "In the pantry" Well, it was opened! She was sneaking eating a poptart but then so kindly offered me the other one. Yes, I'm a softy and let it slide. Then she threw the wrapper away and said "Oh no! Look!" Her tooth was gone! She swallowed it! Then she started crying. She was so afraid the toothfairy wouldn't come now without a tooth under her pillow and she really wanted to see her tooth (and I wanted to keep it! ::sniffle::). But I assured her the toothfairy would still come. So she just wanted to run out and tell her friends and everyone else all about it!
Then we decided to write the toothfairy a letter explaining what happened. And Rylie picked out a fancy bag from my giftwrap box to place the note in and then the toothfairy will put the money in the bag in exchange.
So we waited for bedtime and I took to Pinterest for Toothfairy ideas! I'm completely clueless with what to do with this. It's all came at us so quickly and unexpectedly! I found some CUTE ideas though for next time....
I thought maybe Rylie could paint a cute plate or bowl at Mudpie for the toothfairy?

But I REALLY want this toothfairy door! I LOVE minaiture replicas for real-life objects and this is just gorgeous!

A really cute pillow that hangs from doorknob or bedpost so the child's not disturbed is a good idea too!

Hairspray and glitter for toothfairy money.
So finally bedtime came and Rylie had also drawn a picture for the toothfairy to leave under her pillow. She was so cute and asked if we should set out some dinner for the toothfairy too. =)

And when she woke up, there was money in the bag and the note and picture were gone! Rylie was so excited and said she didnt hear or see the toothfairy! Her other bottom center tooth is a little loose too and we can see 2 tiny white pokes where adult teeth are coming in behind them. So I guess the toothfairy will be back soon!

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