Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sick, Elf, Tooth, Kindermusik

It's been hard getting back into the swing of things after a nice Thanksgiving break! I really wasnt feeling good after Thanksgiving. I went to the Dr Monday and have a sinus infection and bad ear infection. Pretty painful! I got some meds and hope to get my energy back soon!
Rylie and Remy's Elf on the shelf returned this weekend and Rylie's just been over the moon about her! She's styling a new skirt this year and Rylie's so cute about it.

 She'll just stand there looking up at her and talk to her. "Did you have a good time at the north pole? You're so pretty! I wish I could hug you. I just love you so much Dina!" Her elf's name is Dina. She woke up at 2am Mon looking for the elf (she's supposed to be in a new spot every morning) and worried she left and wasnt coming back! We dont get creative where Dina is every morning-just on top of TV or on the tree or mantel or kitchen cabinet.
Remy and I were late for Kindermusik yesterday. I've just been running so slow lately with this allergy crud and not sleeping well. She was so cute in class though I got a couple pictures.
The scarf is her favorite thing by far! Loves playing peek a boo!
Rylie's 2nd tooth came out last night and she didnt swallow this one!
So now she can say she'd like her 2 front teeth for Christmas-her 2 front bottom teeth!
We've been working on making her a door like in my previous tooth fairy post. I wonder if the tooth fairy and elf met each other last night??
We're still working on getting Christmas up around our house! The tree is up and done and I love it but the rest of the house is still coming along. I've had the same decorations for 5 years now and I'm getting the itch to change it up a bit but I have no clue what I want to do! I cant believe the holiday season is right in front of us now!

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