Monday, November 19, 2012

Shake Your Tail Feathers: PreK Thanksgiving Feast

Yesterday Rylie's school had their huge annual Thanksgiving feast for the families of students. I cant believe a year has already past since the last one I attended. I remember last year it was a crazy day and I was having trouble getting in the room with the big stroller with tiny Remy asleep in her carseat on top and a massive crowd.
This year I was hauling Remy and this little highchair from home with cameras, purse, diaper bag, lunch box. Ha!
Remy looked like such a big girl in her own chair with her placecard that said "Rylie's Guest"
All the PreK classes did a performance on stage first. Rylie's on front row, almost to the right with brown shirt and jeans under her Indian vest.
Then she came to sit with us! She looked so cute in her Indian gear they made at school this week.
And her cute placemat and placecard.
And centerpiece turkey hand
It takes awhile for them to serve everyone (about 600 people attended!) so we went potty first and checked out the dessert room.
Sweets as far as thee I can see! Mmmm!!
Beautiful cookies!
I brought crackers to keep Remy occupied. If she's busy, she's not grabbing the tablecloth and everything else in sight lol
They served some good food! Each class brought 6-8 servings of one dish. Rylie and I made instant mashed potatoes (well, she really did it all herself actually!)
Love this little turkey (excuse the cookie in her mouth)
So thankful for Rylie's sweet PreK class and wonderful school!
PS I'm taking a poll on Facebook and if you're not on there, please comment below......How many boxes does it take to store your Christmas decorations? And how many days does it take to set it all up?

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