Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Rylie's School Family Day Carnival

Saturday our family went to a family day carnival at Rylie's school!

There were booths of games

Auction items-this bench her class made with their handprints

And other fun stuff!

Bean bag toss


And she sang karaoke!
"Just Around the Riverbend" from Pocahontas....what else?

She was too cute! Kinda shy and quiet, but loved it!

Cupcake treat!


Her friend Sadie was there

And Emerson

It started to rain while we were getting our food and the girls ran under the table! Pretty clever!

Rylie's teacher Miss Pam and the other class project for auction...a cross with their little kids on it made of their thumbprints.

Then Logan and his family arrived!

Oh my goodness.....these two...Logan's brother Brock was just SMITTEN with Remy!

Look at these 2 lovebirds!! omg we were all dying at them. They could NOT stop looking at each other and holding hands!

Then it was time for the pie toss! Rylie and Logan signed up to throw pies in their teachers' faces!

Rylie going for the first one! She barely got any on Miss Pam then started to chicken out of doing the other teacher. They kept telling her "it's ok. it's for fun. you're not in trouble" LOL

She got the courage to get Miss Laura too!

Pretty good too! lol

They put a dot on her nose. hehe

Rylie and Logan checked out the petting zoo area too before heading home. Rylie was funny. She has that book "The Little Red Hen" and was so excited to "meet" the little red hen there!

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