Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rylie's 5 Year Checkup

I took Rylie to the Dr last Tuesday morning before dance for her 5 year well-check. I was so relieved I could tell her with confidence there would be no shots! She was still pretty apprehensive about laying down on the table and having the Dr look at her. But everything looks great! They did a hearing/vision screening again and she passed with flying colors!
Vision is 20/30 and hearing is perfect.
She is 3 ft 6.5 in and weighs 37lbs 6.4oz (50% and 32%).

While I'm posting updates on her I want to remember these cute things she's done lately.

*At dinner we usually go over schoolwork with Rylie and always talk about the letter of the week and what words start with that letter. A couple weeks ago Rylie said "I've got a good one! Dont say anything Mommy. Dont say anything Daddy. Dont say anything Remy." And before she could say her word Remy let out a loud "Mmmmm!" And without hesitating Rylie said to her "No, Remy. That starts with the letter M!"
*She wanted to sleep in my bed one night and I said no and she said "Well if I get lonely in my bed all by myself then I'll just come get in your bed when you're sleeping."
*If she has to miss school, she thinks they need to cancel her entire class that day. She hates missing school!
*We were out to dinner while my mom was here for Rylie's bday party and Remy in one quick swoop grabbed Rylie's chip and queso plate and flung it on the floor, breaking it. Rylie started crying right away that her plate was dropped and the manager came right over nice as can be and Rylie asked in such a scared voice "Is Remy going to jail now?"
*She also has to know what her friends are wearing everyday. She gets mad if she didnt see a neighbor one day and wouldn't know what they're wearing or if she's staying at Mimi's she wants me to send her a picture of what I'm wearing. She's a clothes girl!
*She loves playing "I Spy" and wants to play it all the time! She's pretty clever with it too. At her Mimi's last week she was carrying Remy out of the kitchen and said "I spy something that's heavy and one year old!"


~Shelly~ said...

My doc has never mentioned a 5 yr check up. HMMM should I be worried?? Im taking P tomorrow for shots :( Maybe I should ask then.
LOL I love that last comment- is Remy going to jail? So sweet!

Jennifer said...

In the picture with the headphones, it looks like she's singing and doing a performance. Cute!