Monday, November 12, 2012

Picnic, Swinging, Wavy Hair

I'm finally doing some catch up! My laptop power cord broke so I couldn't do a thing until I got a new one. So I'm going to start off with these recent cute photos of the girls!
This was a couple weeks ago-Nov 1.
Their first snack together on this little table outside!
Then they played on the swingset.
First time to ride the glider together!
This was last Tues Nov 6. Remy is finally wearing the outfit I've been waiting about 3 years to put on her! I'd bought it when I thought we were pregnant, then returned it after we werent, then bought it off ebay after Remy arrived. So I had to take pictures.
They both looked so cute before Rylie's Dr appt (that I'll blog next) and dance class.
Course, I can never get them to both look!!
And this is how it usually goes. LOL Remy screaming to go play and Rylie posing perfectly. Cracks me up!
Remy started raiding the fridge at dinnertime
That Tue night I put my hair in braids after showering and Rylie asked me to do hers too. She looked so cute!
We both had 4 braids to get curly hair in the morning.
Took the braids out! She looked SO CUTE with curly hair!
Ready to take Rylie to school!
Rylie ended up having a bad fall that morning at school. She was dancing and her feet came out from under her and she landed face first on her chin on hard tiles. She had a big bloody scratch on her chin and was really worked up over it. She started with a fever Thur so she stayed home from school Fri and I called the Dr and she said it's most likely the trauma of the fall. She wouldn't eat anything that wasnt mushy for 3 days because her jaw hurt. She's all recuperated after the weekend though!

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