Sunday, November 4, 2012

Last DISNEY 7-Epcot morning, Princess Lunch, and Home!

Monday morning we got up early, ate breakfast at our hotel and got checked out. Rylie opened her last 2 prizes-a Mickey jumprope and Minnie mouse color by numbers craft. Then we headed to Epcot!
We arrived right after opening

David got us fastpasses for Soarin while I finally got Rylie's mouse ears! She also picked out a Mulan doll toy set. I gotta brag about Rylie for a moment. She didnt whine or beg for us to buy her anything this whole trip. I picked out a pretty Mickey ears with her birthstone necklace and asked if she'd like me to get her that and her exact answer was "No thank you Mommy, but you dont have to buy me everything." All she wanted was the little Mulan doll. So sweet!

We got her name put on her hat so she can always keep this to wear on future trips here.

Then we rode the Nemo ride. It was ok. Just riding along in a car looking for Nemo in the different videos/scenes we passed by.

Did a cute picture with Bruce at the end. Then we headed to the countries around the lake that hadnt opened yet.

We hightailed to China first so Rylie could meet Mulan!

I felt bad there was no line for her.

Rylie loved getting to meet her! She's barely just seen the movie on ABC Family we have recorded. So she was top of her list to meet this trip!

We walked the circle around the lake looking at all the countries setup.

Then we redeemed passes for Soarin!

Waiting in line! I was so nervous how Rylie and I would do on this since there's warnings posted to not ride if you get motion sickness but we were fine! I just prepared Rylie beforehand we would not really be flying, it's just a movie, etc. She loved it!

Then it was time for our princess lunch at Akershus in Norway! Rylie brought her Rapunzel outfit to wear to that.

You get a photo done with Belle first.

The food was pretty good! Rylie got meatballs with mashed potatoes and I had (of course) salmon with vegetable soup. I had some of Rylies lunch too and it was yum!!

Then the princesses came around! Aurora first


Ariel! Yay! We were worried we wouldn't get to meet her since they moved her to the new Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom.

I had to get a photo with her too! My fav princess growing up and first time to meet her!

Snow White too! (SOO glad she was here because the line to meet her was long and we had to leave for the airport after this!)

Then they brought out a birthday cupcake for our girl!


Cute "throne" picture on our way out

Belle was gone so we took photos in her setup

Think she could get a job here? hehe

Then I ran into the Werther's Caramel shop in Germany to get Mimi some treats as a thank you for watching our Remster while we were gone. And we headed out for our 6pm flight!

Our trip was exhausting, but FABULOUS. We really did love it all and it was just PERFECT (for us). We met everyone we wanted, rode every ride we wanted, saw every parade/show we wanted. It was the perfect length to stay for us. SO glad all my preparations paid off and this was a success! A 4 day trip in 7 posts aint bad. Now onto our Halloween coming soon!

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