Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Full of Fun!

 Our Halloween last week was crazy busy and fun!
Rylie's school had a cute costume parade after drop off. She wanted to be Pocahontas this year and normally I wouldn't let her wear a nice costume to school but I didnt even think of putting her in one of her "less fancy" dressup things from home like Strawberry Shortcake or Houston Texans Cheerleader! Duh Ashlee. But it's ok....she was very good and didnt get it messy =)
Remy loved being there for the festivities (but unfortunately had to miss Kindermusik because her class was the same time as sister's party)
Then we went to chapel with Rylie and this is her friend Emersyn from dance last year!
Then the party started in her class.
Cute candy corn cupcakes!
Cute oreo cookie spiders!
After the party we came home and ALL THREE of us napped! Remy was a booger at the party, climbing things, grabbing the teachers scissors, ya know....the usual for her! Oh and she does this high-pitched shriek all....the....time. For no reason. Yay for naptime! =)
After nap and dinner we got the girls costumes on! Remy was a CUTE little Minnie Mouse!
I knew Rylie would be whatever costume she picked in Disney but I didnt want to scramble the week before Halloween finding something for Remy to match Rylie's so we just went with Minnie. I got this costume months ago off ebay super cheap.
And these are the only good pics of her in full costume! She HATED the headband!
TRYING to get pics of both girls!
The only 2 decent ones I got.
The rest look like this....and Remy grabbed Rylie's necklace and broke it. Oh well, maybe next year!
We headed out and Rylie saw Jaiden (Spiderman) and Raegan (Little Bo Peep)
Raegans sister Lauren was the cutest little lamb!
Remy just walked up to Maggie in her wagon and climbed on in!
"Please can I go with you?"
Cute Spidergirl and Remy raiding the candy loot Maggie had.
Our neighbor's girl Abby down the street was Pocahontas too!
Then Kendall joined us too as Tinkerbell!
Sweet girlfriends
Tinkerbell, Pocahontas, Spiderman
Kendall, Rylie, Jaiden
This was a cute candy setup at our neighbors house trick or treating! David took Remy for  alittle while with Maggie and Jaiden and brought her home early while I stayed out with Rylie, Kendall, and her mommy.
This photo CRACKS ME UP! Rylie and Kendall were fighting the whole time who got to ring the doorbell at each house. Hilarious. They came to Kendalls house (above) and Rylie was so excited and ran super fast to the front door....running right past Kendalls daddy sitting out front with the candy lol Kendall was yelling for her and pointing "The candy's out here!" She was so serious about it. I was dying laughing!
Off to more houses!
Silly goobers saying goodnight. I think this year was the most houses we've ever stopped by. Rylie just loved it!

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