Saturday, November 3, 2012

DISNEY 6-Hollywood Studios & Fantasmic!

Sunday we spent the whole day in Hollywood Studios.

Family pic when we arrived

David ran to get us fastpasses for Toy Story Mania-the most popular ride while Rylie and I darted for Disney Junior section!

We got in the new showing and it was so cute! The lady hosted basically an "episode" of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Rylie was so excited all the characters and "Toodles" was there.

They also incorporated other Disney Junior shows with mousekatools to help. This was Handy Manny.

And Little Einsteins.

And Jake and the Neverland Pirates!

Looking through her telescope for Cpt Hook!

Cpt Hook and Mr Smee

Golden blooms rained down on everyone!

Then Rylie got to meet Jake outside!

She gave him a kiss and he blushed hehe

She was in heaven! We saw Handy Manny too but she didnt care to meet and get a pic with him. We were bummed Doc McStuffins wasnt there. There was nothing but a poster for her, no toys/accessories, etc.

Next we headed to The Contemporary hotel for lunch at Chef Mickeys! This is the most popular character place to eat so it was hard to get a reservation. Thankfully we had an AWESOME travel agent who got us in for lunch Sunday-the first day they started offering lunch! (They normally do breakfast and dinner only) So we were glad we snatched that up and wouldn't have otherwise known had we not had a travel agent.

All the characters came by again-Pluto



Kisses from Mickey!


And Donald Duck

She got another birthday cupcake here too! I think this was my favorite food. I had like 4 different flavors of salmon with all these meals and this was my favorite. Plus the ice cream dessert bar wasnt bad either ;-) It's ok....we power walked/ran miles everyday!

All the characters dancing around!

Then we returned to Hollywood Studios and David went to ride Tower of Terror while Rylie and I got great seats for the Beauty and the Beast show.

It was a really good show! Kinda like broadway?

"There must be more than this provencial life!"

"Be Our Guest"

"You need to control your temper!"

"Lets kill the beast!"

Turned to human

Happy ending!

SUCH A GREAT SHOW! I wish I could've watched it 4 times and had David videotape it.

Then Rylie and I went to meet Phineas and Ferb! When she woke up this day, her first question was "am I gonna meet Phineas and Ferb today?"

So we made that happen for sure!

Then we checked out Honey I Shrunk the Kids set! I've always wanted to see this. It was cute. Rylie loved it and didnt want to leave! It was slides and climbing all over but not much for David and I to do.

Then Rylie and I saw the Voyage of the Little Mermaid while David went super early to get us good seats for Fantasmic!

Cute show with a mix of people, puppets, lasers, video.

Rylie and I loved it!

Then we headed to find David! Seats open 90 min before the show so David got there right at gate opening and held our seats for 30 min for us to get there.

Then we held them for 30 min while he checked some things out. Rylie was so excited!

Then these guys started entertaining the audience the last 30 min and called our family down to the front! We were "team Pocahontas" (Rylie picked) and competed with another family answering Disney movie trivia questions. We won ourselves 3 boxes of popcorn free!

Then the show began. I'm SO GLAD we got great seats and saw this!

Rylie's favorite part "Mickey holding fireworks"

The Pocahontas scene! Thrilled Rylie!!

Dragon and fire on the water

Mickey driving a boat up! This is the only place you can see steamboat Mickey in his original costume he was first drawn as!

Pocahontas, Meeko, and John Smith were on the boat with a lot of others!

The boat full of Disney characters!

The show ended with fireworks. It was PHENOMENOL! LOVE LOVE this show! It was way better than I imagined. I didnt get to see this last time I was here so it was a big must and so glad we made the effort to see it. Highly suggest!

Then we rushed to redeem our fastpasses for Toy Story Mania. You only have an hour window to use them and they're strict on that! We made it there with 4 min to spare lol Good thing we ran the whole way! It was a fun ride!

Then David hopped on Rockin Rollercoaster while Rylie and I saw Voyage of the Little Mermaid again with short lines!

It was like 10pm and we grabbed a late dinner and Rylie was falling asleep so we headed back to the hotel. She was too tired to open her other prize this night too lol

Coming up-Morning in Epcot and flying home!

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This DEF wouldve been Kinleys favorite day! So cute!