Friday, November 2, 2012

DISNEY 5-Magic Kingdom show, Electrical Parade and Fireworks

After lunch and parade Saturday, David went to ride another big ride while Rylie and I went to meet Daisy and Minnie. By now it was late afternoon and she was tired and we waited maybe 20 min in line where she started crying wanting me to hold her. I was carrying a heavy bag, plus camera, plus camera bag and told her I could not hold her this entire time. She cried saying "I dont like this trip" which really hurt me after all I'd done to make this happen. Then she cried out "I miss the baby!" And I wanted to cry too. She was seriously missing her baby sister and begged to call her and wanted to know what she was wearing. Sweet girl.

We made it to Daisy Duck and Rylie was back to herself again.

Then we checked out Minnies new digs next to Daisy

She has a pretty new dress too!

Then Rylie wanted to wear her Pocahontas costume a little and we waited in front of the castle for the show to start.

It had all of Mickeys friends

Cinderella with Prince Charming

Aurora and Prince

And Snow White with Prince

And Mickey and Minnie in their traditional costumes

And Peter Pan!

And Wendy!

And Captain Hook and Smee!

Peter Pan and Capt Hook fighting

Bad guy from Sleeping Beauty

But they all lived happily ever after lol Short and sweet version. Honestly this show was MUCH better 8 years ago when I first saw it.

Then David and Rylie used their fastpasses for the Barnstormer. See them in the middle?

This line gets so long and it's like a 12 second ride lol Glad they got to ride it though!

Then we headed back to Jasmine to see Aladdin too!

Aladdin asked Rylie if her "carpet" (aka stroller) was the new deluxe model so he could get Abu one. Rylie so cute in this picture!

And this Jasmine was more friendly than the previous one we saw alone Friday

Glad we got to meet them both! SO bummed the Magic Carpet ride was closed literally just the week we were there =( That was the main ride I was so excited for Rylie to ride!

Ariels castle almost complete!!

Then David and Rylie redeemed fastpasses for Winnie the Pooh ride!

Beautiful Belle castle at night. It changed colors with lights.

Time to get seats for the Electrical Parade on Main Street! So many people!

I loved this parade. I look at these pics and still hear the techno music playing. Tinkerbell started it off!

Mickey and Minnie

Cinderella's mice

BEAUTIFUL Cinderella carriage with fairy Godmother on the back

Prince Charming holding the glass slipper and the step sisters trying to put it on.

Capt Hook and Peter Pan (this parade 8 years ago Peter Pan walked around greeting people he passed and that's when he stopped, kissed my hand, and said I looked like Tiger Lily. I almost fainted ;-) hehe)

Cute Mr Smee rowing behind them


Honor America float ended the parade. There were a lot of little random lightup floats too in between all these.

Then we turned around to face the castle for the firework show!

The castle was so pretty all lit up and changed colors too

Time to start! So beautiful!

There goes Tinkerbell! Everyone kept saying she did this at the end so I was caught off guard she did it first thing and only got 1 blurry pic but so glad we got to see it!

The fireworks were great. Cant pick a favorite pic so heres a few.

After fireworks we had magic extra hours and wanted to ride Peter Pan again but the wait was 45 min and no more fastpasses were given out. So we did some People Mover train. Rylie loved it!

When we got off we were by this Monsters Inc comedy show and thought we'd check it out. It wasnt working and everyone thought it was part of the act until a worker came in and asked us to line up at the doors. Booo! I complained and they gave us fastpasses for any ride we wanted.

So hello Peter Pan ride again! David got to see it this time with us! One happy girl there!

Then we did Haunted Mansion! I worried Rylie would think it was scary but I just told her it's kinda like Caspers house where Kat rides the chair through it so she loved it! Kinda cool this was my 1st ride 8 years ago and this trip it was my last.

And we promised her ice cream, so even though it was 1045pm we kept our promise! =) Very long but great day in Magic Kingdom! We were WORN OUT and Rylie was too tired to even open her prize that night.

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