Thursday, November 1, 2012

DISNEY 4-Magic Kingdom Morning, Winnie the Pooh Lunch, and Parade

Again, I'm going to have to split this day in half. I've got way too many pictures of the parades and shows!

Saturday Rylie was excited to go back to Magic Kingdom for the whole day! We slept in a litte and didnt rush to get there at opening. We were sore from power-walking the previous 2 days!

I had to get a hat in our hotel gift shop before heading out

Rylie and I darted for the speedway driving ride! It gets a long line that's hot to wait in.

Rylie LOVED getting to drive the car but she's a bad driver! LOL We laughed so hard the entire time!

Another great shot of Belle's castle!

The new expansion that opens soon!

We were told several times we could ride the new Ariel ride and meet her back in the new section. That they were doing a "soft open" to test things out. But everytime we got back there it was roped off and they said "for castmembers only" (and their families I guess). Oh well it'll open soon and next time we go the newness of it will be worn off hopefully so it wont be packed. Something to look forward to for Remy's 5th birthday!

The entrance to Belles castle

Pretty new walls at the entrance

Next we grabbed fastpasses for Peter Pan ride and then hopped in the Mickey Philharmagic 3D line.

Such a cute show with Ariel and Aladdin where Rylie could "fly on the magic carpet" and "swim with Ariel"

Pretty Cinderella statue fountain behind the castle

Gotta try to pull the sword from the stone!

Then we used our fastpasses for the Peter Pan ride. It gets the longest line!

In the boat ready to go!

This ride was SO cute! Starts off in a boat gliding in water then the top of the boat attaches to the roof and then we were flying over Neverland!

Next we did "It's A Small World" ride

Just floated along to cute country setups

Then David went to ride another roller coaster while Rylie and I got fastpasses for Barnstormer and then met Goofy in the new circus tent!

And Donald Duck too!

Then we headed to lunch at The Crystal Palace with Winnie the Pooh and friends!

Tigger came by first

Then the bear himself

And Piglet

She gave Rylie an extra hug because Rylie said her favorite color's pink

Then sad little Eyore lol
It was a cute lunch and the food was great too-another buffet. So much food!

Then David rushed out to save us good seats for the Celebrate A Dream Come True parade again. (Its only once a day & we loved it so much Fri we wanted to see it again!)

I got great pics this time

After the parade Rylie was picked by some worker to hold "the key to Cinderella's castle"

Ooooo shiny! So she was tickled about that.

The rest of our day coming up--Dreams Comes True show in front of the castle, meeting Minnie and Daisy, more rides, Electrical night parade, and fireworks show!

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