Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cute Little Escapee

We finally got this nice gate for one side of the stairs. It's been a headache trying to find the one with all the features we needed and I finally got this with giftcard at Babies R Us.

It took awhile to install though because of how our stairs are. Above, David had to cut and paint a board so the top of the gate would be level with the bottom on the baseboard.

And we had to attach little wood pieces on the other side so we werent screwing into the railings. Hours of work went into installing this!

And less than a day it was up, and Remy already got the bottom latch off. She kept messing with it and it unscrewed. We put it back on but I'm discouraged now to let her have the free roam I thought this gate would provide!

So we still section off the living room for her and Sunday she started a new escape route from it. She can now climb up on the couch by herself, then she climbs over to Rylie's pink table, and then down!

Isnt she just the cutest little escape stinker ever though?!! She definitely keeps me busy but I love her to death!

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grandma said...

I just love it! The little darling is going to keep you all on your toes!