Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sick, Elf, Tooth, Kindermusik

It's been hard getting back into the swing of things after a nice Thanksgiving break! I really wasnt feeling good after Thanksgiving. I went to the Dr Monday and have a sinus infection and bad ear infection. Pretty painful! I got some meds and hope to get my energy back soon!
Rylie and Remy's Elf on the shelf returned this weekend and Rylie's just been over the moon about her! She's styling a new skirt this year and Rylie's so cute about it.

 She'll just stand there looking up at her and talk to her. "Did you have a good time at the north pole? You're so pretty! I wish I could hug you. I just love you so much Dina!" Her elf's name is Dina. She woke up at 2am Mon looking for the elf (she's supposed to be in a new spot every morning) and worried she left and wasnt coming back! We dont get creative where Dina is every morning-just on top of TV or on the tree or mantel or kitchen cabinet.
Remy and I were late for Kindermusik yesterday. I've just been running so slow lately with this allergy crud and not sleeping well. She was so cute in class though I got a couple pictures.
The scarf is her favorite thing by far! Loves playing peek a boo!
Rylie's 2nd tooth came out last night and she didnt swallow this one!
So now she can say she'd like her 2 front teeth for Christmas-her 2 front bottom teeth!
We've been working on making her a door like in my previous tooth fairy post. I wonder if the tooth fairy and elf met each other last night??
We're still working on getting Christmas up around our house! The tree is up and done and I love it but the rest of the house is still coming along. I've had the same decorations for 5 years now and I'm getting the itch to change it up a bit but I have no clue what I want to do! I cant believe the holiday season is right in front of us now!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Break

We had a fun week at home during Thanksgiving break.
Rylie took Remy for a ride for the 1st time in her police car.

Remy was.....unsure about it lol

And a little scared for a moment.

Then she saw her friend Lauren and Raegan outsid eand waved!

And Rylie had her cracking up with the intercom!

Lauren hopped in to check it out too!

Then Remy hopped in Laurens little riding car with Lauren's baby doll! She looked up at David like "can I get my own little car, Daddy?"

Loves all baby dolls!
We got out of the house for lunch Tuesday. Poor girls. I dressed them in cute Fall clothes and it was so hot outside.

We were taking pictures killing times til our friends arrived.

No luck getting all 3 of us! Ha! I didnt even take pictures of the girls playing with Kate and Ella but we had so much fun getting together with them! It's hard being on different school schedules so glad we got to see them over break!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gathering of Thanks

We had a pretty great Thanksgiving at our house again this year.
Rylie was excited to see Santa in the parade.

David's mom brought some yummy appetizers!

And a surprise for us girls-matching Christmas aprons! Cant wait to start baking in them!

Quick family picture after Remy's nap

Mimi, Gaga, and uncle Daniel came over and played outside with the girls

I've worked so hard this week decorating our dining room table for Thanksgiving! I love how it turned out!

Finally our turkey is ready! David's icing his finger that he burned =(

Green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes!

Cornbread stuffing/dressing

Homemade cranberry sauce

Kings Hawaiian rolls and wine! Yummo!

A little birdy was eager to eat and watched Mimi closely cutting the turkey!

We had some great dessert too. I made a Pumpkin Walnut Pie and Caramel Pecan Pie both from scratch yesterday and they came out sooo good! Uncle Daniel brought the girls chocolate chip cookies and I picked up a carrote bundt cake for David. We had a great gathering and are so worn out. I'm feeling like I'm starting to get sick so not sure I'll make black friday shopping this year =(
This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for my 5 senses so I can see my beautiful girls and handsome husband, hear them laugh and say I LOVE YOU, feel their warm hugs, taste the yummy food we're so blessed to have, and smell the sweet Autumn scents and the sweet smell of my girls. I love my family and all that we have and all who's in our lives. Hope your Thanksgiving was amazing!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Toothfairy's First Visit!

Rylie woke up from nap Friday and said she had a sore in her mouth and tasted blood. I didnt see a sore but instead her bottom tooth moved! She was so excited to have her first loose tooth! We talked about what would happen when it fell out and about the toothfairy visiting. She wanted to tell everyone we came across all about her loose tooth! We watched The Santa Clause 2 Friday night that has a boy toothfairy so she's convinced now "her" toothfairy's a boy. Then Saturday after lunch her tooth was about to pop out! It was literally hanging out pretty good.
I took this photo after lunch.
We ran errands getting all our Thanksgiving food and she asked me every 2 minutes "Wanna see my tooth now? Is it out yet?"
We got home and I was unloading groceries and Rylie asked for a poptart. I said no and when I finished I couldn't find the poptart box. I asked Rylie and she said "In the pantry" Well, it was opened! She was sneaking eating a poptart but then so kindly offered me the other one. Yes, I'm a softy and let it slide. Then she threw the wrapper away and said "Oh no! Look!" Her tooth was gone! She swallowed it! Then she started crying. She was so afraid the toothfairy wouldn't come now without a tooth under her pillow and she really wanted to see her tooth (and I wanted to keep it! ::sniffle::). But I assured her the toothfairy would still come. So she just wanted to run out and tell her friends and everyone else all about it!
Then we decided to write the toothfairy a letter explaining what happened. And Rylie picked out a fancy bag from my giftwrap box to place the note in and then the toothfairy will put the money in the bag in exchange.
So we waited for bedtime and I took to Pinterest for Toothfairy ideas! I'm completely clueless with what to do with this. It's all came at us so quickly and unexpectedly! I found some CUTE ideas though for next time....
I thought maybe Rylie could paint a cute plate or bowl at Mudpie for the toothfairy?

But I REALLY want this toothfairy door! I LOVE minaiture replicas for real-life objects and this is just gorgeous!

A really cute pillow that hangs from doorknob or bedpost so the child's not disturbed is a good idea too!

Hairspray and glitter for toothfairy money.
So finally bedtime came and Rylie had also drawn a picture for the toothfairy to leave under her pillow. She was so cute and asked if we should set out some dinner for the toothfairy too. =)

And when she woke up, there was money in the bag and the note and picture were gone! Rylie was so excited and said she didnt hear or see the toothfairy! Her other bottom center tooth is a little loose too and we can see 2 tiny white pokes where adult teeth are coming in behind them. So I guess the toothfairy will be back soon!

Monday, November 19, 2012

New Tricks

The past week or so Remy's learned some new tricks!
She can reach the on/off button on the TV in the living room!

Drives Rylie CRAZY! Remy does this all the time! Hehe

And she's reaching door handles too!

Just like with Rylie, these "childproof" locks are useless!

 So she's getting into all kinds of new trouble lately =)

"What else can I get myself into around here?"

And she's done with the bow too lol

And another typical gate-climbing photo that was just too funny not to share! It's days like these that make me thankful I had kids young and I'm not doing this in my late 30's!