Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rylie Visits Kindermusik & Gift from Remy

Wednesday I decided to keep Rylie home from school because a stomach bug's going around and I'd rather her not catch that before our Disney trip!
So she got to visit Remy's Kindermusik class!

Remy was excited to have sister there!

Rylie did the motions with a stuffed animal on her lap that I was doing with Remy on my lap

Egg shakers!

They both love the towel ride. It was a fun blast from the past for Rylie!

Wed night Rylie got to open Remy's birthday present to her!

So excited! Cinderella jewelry/crown set and.....

Finally the Cinderella movie! She's been asking for it and asking for it! Good job Remy!

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