Monday, October 1, 2012

MOPS GNO-Painting With A Twist

I forgot to mention last Thursday I went to a MOPS Girls Night Out, my first to attend in the 2 years I've done MOPS! This one was at a local painting place called Painting With A Twist. I'm so glad I made it. It was so much fun and my picture's pretty presentable =) One of the ladies took these with her cell phone.
Hard at instructor led us step by step to create our masterpieces
Final product! This was my first painting class so I'm not surprised mines far from perfect but I enjoyed it and would love to do another sometime! It was just fun to get out with other moms on a weeknight!


~Shelly~ said...

That place seems so cool! We had a girls night there but I had to cancel bc it was the night Alex came home from Cali (Marines) so I didn't want to miss him. Glad yall had fun! Where are u going to hang it!? ;)

Ashlee said...

I hung it in our office =)