Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Party!

Today was Rylie's little birthday party at our house! She'd picked a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party almost a year ago.

I made the invites myself again. They printed too dark I thought though. They look better on the computer =)

This was her cute outfit. I had the shirt made by Becca for our Disney trip and party. I made the tutu last minute 2 days ago with tulle/ribbon I already had.

ONLY picture I could get of Remy and rylie in their cute outfits. Remy was NOT having the hat!

Since we did Disneyworld, we just did a very small, simple "playdate/party" for her birthday this year. She just wanted to play with her friends and have everyone sing to her so this worked out great!

She loved the setup I did and Minnie game I found.

Table and backdrop. She requested a picture of all the characters and clubhouse so I had to get this for her! It's cute enough to hang in the playroom after!

Little birthday sign I made and some of her Mickey toys were on display.

Banner and Mickey pinata. I really wanted a hit pinata instead of pull string but there was none to be found unless I wanted to pay $30 for a HUGE full body Mickey pinata from Mexico. For 4 kids. No thanks! lol

Rylie was eagerly waiting for her friends to arrive! Remy's like "lemme see too!"

Remy- "Ok fine I'll go to my own window!"

Peeping girls anxious for their friends to arrive!

Family picture first

Us and the birthday girl!

David made this funny sign for our front door. Had to get a pic =)

Our friends Shelly and Jeff and their 2 girls Kinley and Presley came from Waco for the party! How awesome are they?! We were SO excited to see them and let the girls play.

Raegan and Lauren

Remy is obsessed with those hula hoops. She was a hoot at the party. Got into EVERYTHING in sight! I had to keep chasing her around and taking things away.

Presley was too cute on the swing! hehe

Abby and her twin brothers came too!

The kids ran around and played for a little while we waited for everyone to arrive. A few couldn't make it last-minute.

Then we started games. This was "pin the ring on Minnie." I underestimated the kids! They all nailed it blindfolded!

Then we did the pinata. Turned out we hung it too high for them to reach lol so David had to hold it for them. It was too heavy to hang by string.

Candy grab!

Remy stealing someone's pretzels lol

Birthday girl and her cake! She was so excited about her cake.

I slaved on this for 2 days. I had to free-hand the design of the clubhouse because the template I had was way too big! Rylie was ecstatic when she saw it so it may not be perfect, but to her it was and that's all that mattered to me!

Remy spilled the sidewalk chalk everywhere and helped me clean it up. Notice how she's also covered in chalk? Seriously child! I should've hired a babysitter to keep up with her during the party lol

Me and Shelly before they headed back to Waco. SO glad they came!

And she's back in the chalk again lol

It was a fun party and pretty stress-free. So glad everyone came to celebrate our girl's big 5th birthday. She had so much fun playing with everyone! She opened gifts after the party and got a singing Pocahontas, Captain Hook hand dressup set, Princess Barbie, Squinkees Toy Set, and Lalaloopsy dolls and has been playing with everything all afternoon!

Now I can work on Disney posts! =)


Stefany said...

LOVE the invite!!!! They are so cute.

~Shelly~ said...

I'm so glad we were able to come! The party was so cute- u did a great job! The girls looked too cute & Remy was a hoot :) Thanks for posting the pics & I hope u dont mind that I stole a couple ;)