Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Kendall and Sadie's Birthday Parties

Saturday Rylie had 2 parties at the same time. I hate to miss any parties so we went to one and caught the end of another.
First was Kendalls 5th birthday princess Belle party!

Made a necklace first

Charlotte, Kendall, Rylie

Doing a cute princess dance

Obstacle course

Making pretty photo frames




Rylie had a quick piece of cake then we headed out.

Thankfully the parties were very close to each other! We made it to Sadie's 5th birthday Ariel party! Sadie's a friend from school.

They were eating cake and opening gifts when we arrived.

Rylie got her the new Tinkerbell movie fairy doll!
After the parties we went home and got Daddy and Remy and headed to Mimi's. David took me to get a new camera lens and we had dinner together. We didnt realize we hadnt done that since July so it was nice.

I was playing with my new lens and caught this look on Remy. Pure Remster look right there! Such a stinker, but such a cutie.

Rylie playing a game on Mimi's Kindle. She gets so serious about her games! The girls stayed the night at Mimi's and I didnt know what to do with myself Sunday! 
It was in the 50's outside so I was milking it! Got my fall boots and new scarf out and even curled my hair!

I ran a few errands and went to Garden Ridge to look around. Christmas was out! Gosh I love that place. It was great.
God Bless that Mimi. Remy spent the weekend NOT napping and crying/screaming a lot. These other molars cant come in fast enough!

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