Monday, October 29, 2012

DISNEY 1-Flying Out, Animal Kingdom, Downtown Disney

OK I'm finally getting these photos up! I'd rather do 50 pics of each day and get these done quick instead of breaking up each day into several posts and taking a month to finish blogging about Disney lol So bear with me. These will be long!

We flew out Thursday, October 18 about 9am. We stopped in Jackson, Mississippi then landed in Orlando at 1pm.

Rylie asked to say hi to the pilot when we arrived and they let her sit up front and were so nice and talked to her awhile! She loved it!

Then something hilarious happened! We stepped off the plane and waited for our stroller to brought out. I saw a dad getting a stroller and realized I knew him. So I darted towards him and his family yelling "Yall are the _____ family!" OMG David and this other dad probably thought I had lost my mind! But his wife, Malinda knew who I was thankfully and we just squealed at each other and hugged.

This is Malinda and her daughter Sara Madalin, whose blog I've read for about 4 years! They live in Mississippi and were headed to Disneyworld the same weekend as us and we were on the same plane! How crazy cool is that?! Never would I have thought I'd get to meet them in person. So awesome. Malinda is such a tiny lady with the cutest southern accent!

After our meetup we got our rental car and headed to our hotel! You can totally do Disney without a rental and use the free shuttle but since we were only there 4 days I didnt want to waste so much time riding the buses that take an hour.

Were finally here!!!!!!!

Our resort. We stayed at the All-Stars Movie resort. It was ok.....but we wont stay there again next time. It was a good money saver tho esp since we were barely in our room! 

Our room

Cute surprise when we arrived.

Once we got to the hotel, I had a surprise for Rylie. I'd planned our trip for so long to just do 2 days at Magic Kingdom, 1 day at Hollywood Studios, and 1 morning at Epcot before flying home. BUT before our trip Rylie got SO into Pocahontas after seeing it on TV. Like obsessed and kept asking if she'd be at Disneyworld. Well, she's only at Animal Kingdom which we didnt have enough days to stop by. I was so bummed for her. I checked with our travel agent and it would've been $64 PER PERSON to add a park hopper to try to fit it in. Uhhh no thanks! It occured to me as we arrived at our resort that Thur that I could probably just add 1 more day park ticket for cheap and just do a quick Animal Kingdom visit when we arrived. Sure enough, it was $30 to add Animal Kingdom! Now that's do-able! So we quickly dropped off our stuff at the resort and told Rylie her surprise. I wish I'd video taped her response. Her eyes lit up like never before when I told her we were going to meet Pocahontas. I started crying.

At 3pm we rushed to Animal Kingdom!

She was so excited!

Family pic in front of the tree first!

We darted quick to where Pocahontas was right away and got in line. Rylie couldn't stop looking at her.

David ran and found a Princess autograph book real quick.

Finally her turn! She seemed to act like she was in a dream.....very quiet.....walked up to her slowly.

Just smiled in aw at her.

She told her she was 4 and turning 5.

They talked about Meeko and where he was.

Pocahontas said we needed to get something sweet and go looking for him!

Big smiles with her favorite Princess!

Hugs then she told Pocahontas she was very beautiful.
I'm pretty sure if that was all we did on this trip Rylie would've still been in heaven. We stopped at a Pocahontas souvenir cart and Rylie spotted a Pocahontas costume (she's been asking for one for weeks) so we went ahead and got it with her Disney giftcards she got for her birthday.

The lines were short for Minnie so we said hi to her too. She was dressed in her camping costume.

Telling Minnie she's turning 5.


Family pic!

Then we hopped over to Mickey's hut

He gave her a kiss on the hand

Beautiful views in Animal Kingdom!

Then we left and rushed to Downtown Disney for our 530 dinner reservation that couldn't be changed with our added visit to Animal Kingdom. They were on an over hour wait for walk ins!

I saw this TRex place last Summer on my visit with David and couldn't wait to bring Rylie! She's into dinosaurs a little from school and I personally always loved dinosaurs. Nerd, I know.

It was cool inside....basically rainforest cafe but dinosaurs

Aquarium bar with huge octopus

We sat in the ice cave where fossils were all over

It also changed colors.....

And had "meteor showers" every 15 minutes

She loved this wooly mammoth like on Ice Age

And this little triceratop baby

We saw Dori too!

Our food was good. I had a huge pulled pork bbq sandwich and David and Rylie split popcorn shrimp. Then the waiters surprised Rylie by singing and an ice cream sundae!

So excited!

Then we walked a little in Downtown Disney. This was a lego sculpture in the water.

We headed to World of Disney where Rylie picked out her new princess costume-our birthday gift to her. You'll have to wait until the next post to see what it is though! She wore it for the Princess dinner on her birthday.

After I paid for our things I walked out to find David and Rylie and she was in a cute kids dance party having the time of her life!

We got back to the resort and showered and she couldn't wait to try on the Pocahontas costume!

Then I showed her 4 little prizes. I got these at our Dollar Tree and they were little prizes she got to open-one every night that she was very good.

Her first night was a Peter Pan book! She's really into Peter Pan and Wendy now!

Then it was bedtime-her last night as a 4 year old! Coming up.....5th birthday wakeup, day in Magic Kingdom, Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique and Princess Dinner.


~Shelly~ said...

LOVE it all! Her meeting Poch was just adorable!! I cant wait to see pics from her bday!!

Malinda said...

I'm so glad she got to meet Pocahontas. Looks like you had a fun first day.

EMonaghan said...

Awesome first day, can't wait to see the rest