Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Birthday Lunch with Mimi & Gaga

Since we're doing Disney for Rylie's birthday this year, we're just doing a little playdate with her friends basically instead of a party. So Mimi and Gaga wanted to see Rylie to give her a little something and celebrate with her. We met them for lunch at a local bbq place Rylie loves.
She was performing/dancing for us while we waited for Mimi and Gaga.

"If you put this on the blog" evil eye from Remy

Birthday girl with Mimi and Gaga

Cutie Remy and Gaga watching Rylie play on the playground

Remy waving hi to Rylie. So cute!

Our little performer

Gaga taking Remy on the slide


After lunch we all came to our house for cupcakes.
Singing Happy Birthday!

It's her favorite part. She loves when it's finally sung for her every year.

Princess jammies! Perfect to wear to Disney!
Thanks Mimi and Gaga for coming by! Rylie was so excited to celebrate with you both!

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