Monday, October 8, 2012

A Day in Our Life

I've been in a really good routine lately so I thought it was time for another day in our life posts so I can remember. This was last Friday, October 5.
Alarm went off at 7am which I didnt hear. Grr. I overslept. Got up and got myself ready for MOPS.
Then I made my bed and picked up my room and bathroom (sneak peek of our bedroom makeover that's almost done)
Then I gathered all the dirty clothes and put in the wash. Every morning I put in all the dirty clothes so I wash one load a day and it never piles up. It's been working great for us lately!
David thankfully was working the morning at home so he fed the girls breakfast while I ran around at lightning speed getting the above done and making sure Rylie was ready for school. MOPS starts before her school does so Fridays I have MOPS, David takes her.
Remy and I heading out for MOPS at 850am (5 min late)
MOPS started at 915am. Our meeting was so good. The founder (mom) of Addison Faith with Addis Faith Foundation spoke a little about the foundation and their big 5k/1k next month. If anyone lives in the Houston area, click here for details on the race. It really struck my heart Fri reading about Addison. She passed away 1 month before her 2nd birthday from cancer and I just cried reading her story on the website.
The rest of our meeting we made paper bead necklaces. I had no idea these big beads were made from rolling strips of paper! I'd never heard of them before. So neat!
MOPS ended at 1130am. After the meeting (and way past Remy's naptime) we ran to get birthday presents for 2 parties Rylie had Sat.
And because I didnt plan very well, we had to stop to feed Remy. I grabbed her a turkey sandwhich and milk in the Target cafe at 1pm. (She'd snacked on bunny crackers while we ran previous errands so she wasnt quite starving by now)
Shhh! Dont tell sister you had chocolate milk with your lunch! hehe!
Then we picked up sister from school at 215pm (15 min early), got home and put both girls down for nap about 240pm. I put away Thursdays clothes from the dryer and put Fridays in to dry. Laundry's done. Then I wrapped the gifts for the parties and laid down for a bit.
We went to dinner Friday with our neighbors Sharon and her kiddos at Cici's pizza at 6pm. Remy and Lauren are too funny together.
We went home, bathed both girls and had them in bed about 845pm and then went around the house picking it up. So every night we go to bed with laundry done and the house picked up. It's really been wonderful! Then I shower before going to bed myself (although I have trouble falling asleep before midnight).
So that's our current routine at the moment.

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