Wednesday, October 31, 2012

DISNEY 3-Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique and Princess Dinner

Continuing Friday, October 19 we left Magic Kingdom about 4pm for our Bibbiti Bobbiti Boutique appt at Downtown Disney.
Rylie was already exhausted obviously!

We arrived and changed Rylie in the princess dress she'd picked Thur night.

It was Cinderella's!

Then they started on her hair do!

Got her crown on!

And makeup done!

Face jewel too

And pixie dust!

Then she was ready to see her beautiful look!

She also got a princess sash on.

Ta da!

Mommy and Rylie rode the carousel real quick.

Rylie was CRACKING us up. She was SO into character-doing a princess wave and blowing kisses to everyone.

Me and my princess!

We also got a photo session done with her boutique package.

Love all these pics!

Then we headed to dinner. She was playing with the other girls waiting.

Yum food! I thought these plates were so cute then I realized I'd gotten a kids plate lol

This was a cute dinner with Cinderella and Prince Charming, Stepsisters and Stepmother.

They all came by the table to visit a sec.

Rylie was a little scared of the stepmother

I told her she had to eat her veggies or she'd come back and yell at her. She shoved a green bean in her mouth and watched her closely lol

Then Cinderella and Prince Charming came out to dance

And Rylie got to dance with Prince Charming too!

I could barely see from where I was and it was over so quick so I didnt get good pics.

Then they brought her a birthday cupcake

Perfect end to a great birthday!

We headed out and she thought this carriage was for her since she was "Cinderella" lol

Back at the hotel and after bath she opened her next prize-a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse picture set with stickers! She loves stickers!

Coming up....a full day in Magic Kingdom and fireworks show!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DISNEY 2-Rylie's Bday and Magic Kingdom

I'm gonna have to break up day 2 into 2 posts. It was a really big day! 

Rylie fell asleep in her new Pocahontas costume Thur night. So sweet.

Friday, October 19 was her 5th birthday! We woke her up singing Happy Birthday as usual.

I asked how it felt to be 5 and she said "real good. See how tall I am? See how big my feet are?" lol

Big smiles for turning 5!

We had a Rapunzel card to open that sang part of the "at last I see the light" from the movie.

Then we got dressed, filled up our souvenir cups in the hotel food court, lost Rylie's hairbow =( and rushed off to Magic Kingdom before it opened!

Unfortunately so did everyone else who was there AND the monorail wasnt running. So we all had to wait and cram in the ferries. At least we saw the castle as we rode over!

SO excited to finally see the castle!

Almost there!

As soon as we walked in David got in line for fastpasses to meet the Princesses in the front (but he accidentally got the wrong ones lol He got Mickey ones instead) Rylie and I rushed over to get in line for Merida before the gates opened. We knew she'd be the most popular so we wanted to get that out of the way.

Waiting in line, telling the world she's now 5!

LOL David running to catch up to us at Merida. We were right by the castle.

Rylie was next and Merida and her helper were so cute and playful. They were hiding behind these tapestries.

Merida was such a cute girl. Probably my favorite we met.

Rylie's honestly not even seen her movie "Brave" yet  but she knows about it from her friends and we've already preordered it, the bow and arrow, and crown for Christmas.

So cute!

Then Merida said since it's her birthday & a special occasion, she could hold HER bow! Rylie felt so special!

Then the kids got to shoot an arrow themselves


Next we rushed to ride Dumbo while the line was short. First ride!!


We could see the new Belle castle that's almost done.

Then David and Rylie rode the teacups since that line was short!

I dont do spinning rides but they loved it!

Outside that ride we saw the White Rabbit coming out and I asked his helper if Alice was coming. He said any minute so we hopped in line and were next to meet her!

Rylie was so excited! She's gotten into Alice in Wonderland since the movie's been on a lot lately. She's never seen the cartoon version though.

Alice asked her which way was Ariel

Rylie got a kick outta her

Then we redeemed our Mickey passes to meet him. She was so excited! Course we didnt really need passes since his line was short and the Princesses line was an hour wait. But thanks for trying David. hehe

Telling Mickey about her Mickey party

Had to do another family pic with Mickey! Minnie's not with him anymore. He wouldn't let her shop like she wanted. True story. She's shacking with Daisy now.

Then we finally got our family castle picture!

Next up was Tiana in her garden!

She was so friendly with Rylie and chatted about what kinda birthday cake she'd have.

Then David hopped in line for us to meet the fairies while Rylie and I waited for Jasmine!

Then we joined David in the fairies line. It was probably the longest we waited for something-maybe 20 min? Not bad. Rylie HAD to let Tinkerbell know she was now 5!

Tinkerbell taught her how to pose like her

Then Rylie met the knew fairy Periwinkle! She's Tinkerbell's sister in the new movie. And in case you didnt get the memo Periwinkle, Rylie's 5.

Then we knew Peter Pan was coming soon so we waited in line while David rode Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Ahh my Peter Pan! He was my favorite as a kid! I got so star-struck when I met him 8 years ago and he kissed my hand and said I looked like Tiger Lilly (I had my hair in braided pigtails.)

Then Rylie and I waited for the Move It! Shake it! Celebrate it! parade to start

It was cute. Rylie loves parades!

Then the kids can dance with the characters so she danced with Jesse.

Sebastian was on a float

Lumier was on another

And Genie too!

Snapped a quick pic of the Mickey statue

And Rylie with the Minnie Halloween statue

Then we redeemed our new fastpasses we got for the Princesses! Finally Rylie got to meet her favorite-Rapunzel!

And by the way Rapunzel, Rylie's 5.

I'd seriously had nightmares before this trip that she wouldn't get to meet Rapunzel and it'd all be for nothing.

So glad it finally happened!

Sweet hugs for Rapunzel. She loves her so much!

We also saw Aurora in the same meeting.

And Cinderella!

Cute Goofy statue outside

Then we hurried to catch the one showing of the Celebrate A Dream Come True parade. I got much better photos of this the next day but it was my favorite show I think. I loved this parade!

Snow White and prince were there

Genie and Jafar

Fairy Godmother

Cinderella and Prince charming in a beautiful setup!

Belle and Beast (who wouldn't turn around at all! Grr)

SOOO many more but these were the best pics I got Friday. I got much more Saturday.

Then Rylie finally got to walk through the castle! There isnt much to see inside but that's all she wanted.

Then she came out and said "Yay! Now I'm a princess!"

And blew a kiss to everyone lol

We stopped by Cinderella's wishing well by the castle. So beautiful!

She threw a penny in and made a birthday wish.

LOVE this C sign above the well! It was one of the landmark items I'd seen online awhile back and couldn't wait to see in person.

Then we headed out for Rylie's Bibbity Bobbiti Boutique reservation at Downtown Disney and our Princess Dinner......coming tomorrow!