Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Past Week

Random pictures from last week from my cell phone!
Monday afternoon Remy climbed in her toy box to drink her sippy of milk!

Stinker grin!
Tues Rylie had a CUTE dance class that I didnt get pics of. I feel like I should video each class because they're just too cute! But I was chasing Remy around because she wasnt having nap this day!

Wed Rylie had a "field trip" in house where the Mad Science lady showed them science experiments. She looked so cute riding to school. Remy missed Kindermusik last Wed because she woke up early teething and wanted a nap at 9am!
Thur Rylie had Kendall over for dressup play. She's been wanting a girlfriend to come over and play big girl stuff for so long. Glad it finally worked out for them to do that. And I didnt get any pics!

Friday Rylie had picture day at school. She came home with a book from the school library. Her first one to check out and bring home! She was so excited about it.
And that catches us up! Scroll down for more of what we've been up to!

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