Sunday, September 9, 2012

Remy's Cupcake Birthday Party!

Saturday, Sep 8 we had a small celebration at our house for Remy's 1st birthday! We just had grandparents and David's brother over. We just decided to keep it simple. It was still stressful! But I liked the simple route. After much debate the past year I decided to go with a cupcake theme.
Now here's 1000000 pictures! =)
Table setup in kitchen

I bought chicken salad from Chelsea's Deli in Kingwood-the BEST! And put it on croissants from HEB that morning.

Remy's cupcake

Strawberry cupcakes I made

Rest of the food-grapes, strawberries, goldfish, veggies with ranch

Little table setup in the foyer with a birthday printout I made and framed, the invite I made, and cupcake shaped cookies as favors.

I made this little sign and the food labels from a free template I found online and just changed the colors

Cookies from Miss Marie's Cookies in Kingwood. They were more beautiful than I imagined they'd be and so yummy too! She did a great job!

Yummmm raspberry punch!

First time seeing the tablescape after nap

Ready to greet her guests! The party was 12-2 which was perfect because she took her morning nap while we setup the food and she woke up just as people were starting to arrive.

uncle Daniel

I loved her cute cupcake outfit I found randomly at Gymboree. It matched perfectly!


Our family!

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday girl

Mimi and Gaga

Grandma and Mimi

Grandaddy and DeeDee

Gaga with Rylie

Mimi's bracelet Remy loves!

Rylie was SUCH a great big sister help during the party! She had been so excited for Remy to turn one and have her party!

Lunchtime! She loves strawberries!

Ready for cupcakes!

Time to sing!
"What is this?"

"Oh nevermind, it's food. I'm good."

She devoured her cupcake!

And loved it!

Yay for cupcakes!

Present time

Rylie insisted Remy needed to wear a crown because she's the birthday girl

Remy wasnt so much into opening gifts but Rylie sure was anxious to help her!

I didnt get pictures of every gift because David was videotaping mostly but Remy had a blast playing with everything after and thanks for the diaper fund contributions too!

I'd say the party was successful!
Thanks everyone who helped make Remy's celebration special!

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~Shelly~ said...

Aw everything looks soooo cute! Love all the colors! You did great! Glad she had a happy birthday :) She looks just like Daddy in all these pics!