Friday, September 21, 2012

Remy's 12 Month Updates

I cant believe this is the last sticker picture!
Here are Remy's updates at 12 months (really up to 12 1/2 months since I'm late posting this)

Rylie and I took her to the Dr Tues Sep 11 for her checkup.

She was crazing roaming around the room waiting for the Dr!

Both girls got stir crazy!

Remy had shots at the end (in addition to both girls getting flu shots via nasal spray)

And she was mad at her bandaids and me!

She thought the bandaids were making her legs hurt and just wanted them off! She was fine when we reached the car. She has to go back in Oct for her 2nd flu spray and again in Dec for 15 mos checkup.
  • Her stats from the Dr are 29.5 in long (63%) and weighs 21 lb (49%). Perfect! Just 2 lbs bigger than Rylie and same height!
  • The Dr was a little concerned about Remy walking mostly on her tippy toes still. We've been referred to a physical therapist but I havent looked into it yet.
  • She's finally moved onto just whole milk and off formula. Took awhile. We were doing half/half for awhile and just a week ago we added a little choc to whole milk and she finally drinks it all!
  • Size 3/4 diapers.
  • Size 12-18 or 18 mo clothes. Some 12 still fit but I think 18 looks better.
  • She has size 4.5 wide shoes from Stride Rite but they look like they're getting tight. I'd say she's more a 5 wide but it's hard finding wide shoes! None of Rylie's old shoes fit her!
  • One molar came in, bottom left on Friday Sep 14. More are on the way! She's been teething BAD this past week (and has 4 dirty diapers a day from it)
  • Great eater still!
  • Good sleeper, although random cries sometimes at night then goes back to sleep on her own. Early riser, about 7am or earlier no matter how late she goes down. Still naps twice a day. Morning nap down 10-11 and up about 1230 or 1. Afternoon nap down 230-3 and up about 430 all depending on what we're doing that day!
  • Can take her shirt off.
  • Started peek a boo recently (video on our youtube)
  • Dances a lot! Shakes her head side to side.
  • Started a few words the past week: uh oh, ball (ba), no no, dada, bye bye
  • Literally after her Dr appt after I told the Dr she couldn't do this, she started. Recognizes things we ask her where it is and follows small commands. (i.e. "where's your ball?" "go drink your milk" and she'll go get her sippy or "where is so & so?")
  • Hands you things if you hold your hand out and say "thank you"
  • Waves bye bye with both hands, open close wave
  • Loves to follow and chase Rylie around the house and play with her. She really looks up to big sister.
  • She's still a big stinker, climbing onto or out of things, and getting into mischief. But we still love her so much! She's our sweet sugar and we cant believe she's ONE.

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EMonaghan said...

Yay for Remy! All those sticker pics turned out so cute with the background and bows!