Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Remy Peyton is ONE YEAR OLD!

Remy turned the big ONE on Sunday Sep 9!
Rylie was WAY excited about it and couldn't wait to wake her up! David had to work in the morning but my mom, Rylie and I woke Remy by singing "Happy Birthday"

She had no idea what was going on! Still sleepy!

Then we took her to our neighborhood donut place to get a special breakfast!

Excited for donuts! The Minnie Mouse sippy was one of Rylie's gifts to Remy.

omg Remy LOVED her pink sprinkle donut! She kept bouncing saying "Mmm!" haha!
Then David got off work and my mom had to head back to Waco. Rylie, David, and I took Remy to the downtown Childrens Museum. It was Rylie's pick of where to take her.

They have a toddler tot spot on the top floor I took Remy to first.

She explored, climbed, and of course loved the balls everywhere

Then we met up with Daddy and sister and explored the outdoor water part

Rylie loved!


"Daddy, I need these. Sun's bright."


Then we headed into their favorite place Kidtropolis!

Stopped by HEB in there first so the girls could shop
Remy wanted cornbread cookies

And milk to go with them


Then they tried to break into the bank

And anchored the evening news

And saved a local fellow

"I think I'm ready to go now!"

After a few hours it was time to head out!

The girls had a blast!

That night before bed we gave Remy some more birthday cards with special messages from Mommy and Daddy and her special porcelain doll with a 1 just like Rylie got on her 1st birthday.

And for fun a Mickey Mouse card that sings! She loved that!
Cant believe her first birthday has already come and gone! Fastest year! It hasnt hit me as hard as it did when Rylie turned one. I just look at Rylie and see all the wonderful things still ahead to experience with Remy! And I must say, I dont think anyone was truly as excited for Remy turning one more than Rylie. She's really been so sweet and while it was a hard 2 days for her not being the center of attention and letting Remy be center stage, she really was a big helper and really truly was so happy for her sister. She kept saying "now she's a toddler! now I'm going to teach her to go potty!" LOL

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