Friday, September 14, 2012

Kindermusik for Remy!!!

Oh my goodness! I'd been waiting since Remy was born to put her in Kindermusik! I could've started this Summer but we like to keep Summer pretty open. So she was given this class as a birthday present and started Wednesday morning!
TRYING to get a picture of Remy sitting on the stair with Rylie.

And Rylie trying to help. lol Remy was NOT having it!

I made these little white chocolate covered pretzel rods as goodies for Remy's Kindermusik friends. Just a little something extra to celebrate her 1st birthday.

And she wore a birthday shirt miss Becca made for her! She was excited when we got there. Somewhat clingy. She walked up to me twice and just hugged my leg.

Checking out the books while others arrived

She just wanted to chew the books though


So excited for class to start!

Miss Sandy's little helper lol

Time to pick out a bell! She didnt know what to do so I had to show her. She just stood there waiting for someone to hand her one lol

"Ok I got my bell. I ready."

She just wanted to chew it mostly but liked shaking it too. I'll have to dig out Rylie's old Kindermusik bell for her.

Then they got feather dusters!

And she walked around shaking it

I missed her dusting the mirror but she also mostly wanted to chew the handle of this duster. Good thing Miss Sandy sanitizes between classes!

Towel ride! I honestly didnt think she'd sit still on this and figured she'd just crawl away but she surprised me!

Seems she liked it just like her big sister did!

"Are we done?" She was tired by now!

Got her home materials and ready to go.

Oh my...the cuteness.

Miss Sandy and Remy!
So excited for us starting this class! It's a big class but familiar faces. Julee and I did Kindermusik with our 2 girls and now we're in the same class with our 2nd kids. So weird! I feel like I went 4 years back in time today. Remy's never looked more like Rylie to me before than she did today. This will be really good for us to do while Rylie's in school. I forgot how much of a workout these classes are too!

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