Monday, September 17, 2012

Early Fall and Surprise Friend Visit!

I've been burning my fall scented candles for a week now and pretending it's cooler outside.
So Saturday I got festive and put out the fall decor early! Because ya know stores will soon be sold out of fall decor before fall actually arrives and I wanted to see what I had and decide if I needed anything new before they're all gone!

I got new pillows too! These pictures are from the dining room and I dont like them here. They'll go back in the dining room. But I love my new pillows. Just a mix of different ones from different stores to make it more cozy.

More fall decor on the entrance table

Love this time of year =)

Sunday Rylie had a surprise! Owen and Ethan came to visit! Trying to get a picture of all 4 kids was a task.

But I got a couple cute shots.

They were in town for lots of things and stopped by for a quick visit before heading home.

Rylie was so happy to see her friends and play outside.

Loves her swing!

Ethan and his daddy working on the playhouse

Susan and myself
So good to see you guys! Cant believe how big our kids are getting and hopefully it wont be another 5ish months before we see each other again!

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