Sunday, September 16, 2012

Conway's 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday I took Remy to her first birthday party to be invited to! It was for her friend Conway who lives down the street and is in her Kindermusik class. I took way too many pictures of course!
She was excited and carried the present in!

The party was at Kids in Action so I was excited to let her have her own fun for the first time and Rylie had a fun day with David.

"You mean I get to climb here?"

"All right!"

Remy had a stalker at the party too ;-) He was seriously smitten with her!

Remy was hilarous hanging on this bar. I barely held her and she loved it.

Roller coaster fun!
The birthday boy in his cute Dr Seuss shirt to match the theme
Conway's big sister Carey is such a sweet girl. Remy just walked up and sat in her lap! Future babysitter!

Course she loved the balloon balls!

Remy and Grayson

They pulls out blankets for another activity and Remy thought "naptime? ok!"

I honestly think this was her first time to see bubbles. lol

"Hmm....everyone's putting these fish in that bucket. I think I'll keep mine."

" you go."

Hehe! Trying to sit and bounce on the ball.

Parachute fun!

And her stalker again. =) So cute.

Is this not the most fabulous display??

Seriously too much cuteness. Those are individual cookies on little stands on the shelves of that board. And that's a cake in the middle and more cookies on the table.

Seriously....adorable cake and the cookies behind it! They tasted good too!

Cute green eggs and ham snacks.

Conway the birthday boy and his cake!

Thank you so much for inviting us Conway! Remy and I had so much fun!

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Stefany said...

So glad Miss Remy could make it! She was such a trooper with all those older kids. Such a cutie!