Thursday, September 13, 2012

Busy Week Continues-Rylie's New Dance Class

Remy finally got her carseat turned around to pickup Rylie from school Monday.
Rylie's a bit more excited about it than Remy who just wants to take off her bows all the time.

Tuesday morning was Remy's 1 year checkup but I'll detail that in another post. Immediately after the appt Rylie started a new dance class in a new studio.

We started late because I've been on the fence for awhile about doing dance again and where we should do dance and what kind of class to do. She's more advanced than beginner ballet but not 5 yet to do a regular ballet class. And I looked at several studios to see which classes work best with our schedule. We finally picked a class in Kingwood and they had a last-minute opening so we started Tues! Good thing too because they took a class photo that day.

They did a cute warmup

Then some stretches

Then they worked on dance routines and did a whole cute dance just copying the teacher in the mirror. Rylie did great!

The class is a whole hour which is 30 minutes longer than she's used to.
And right at Remy's morning nap time. So she thankfully conked out in the stroller. Rylie even took a 3 hour nap after lunch Tuesday! She hasnt done that in a year! She likes her new dance class. I was nervous trying a new place and we miss being closer and with people we've known longer but this just works for us right now and who knows what we'll do next year. But I'm looking forward to this dance year. She starts tap next week!

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