Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Past Week

Random pictures from last week from my cell phone!
Monday afternoon Remy climbed in her toy box to drink her sippy of milk!

Stinker grin!
Tues Rylie had a CUTE dance class that I didnt get pics of. I feel like I should video each class because they're just too cute! But I was chasing Remy around because she wasnt having nap this day!

Wed Rylie had a "field trip" in house where the Mad Science lady showed them science experiments. She looked so cute riding to school. Remy missed Kindermusik last Wed because she woke up early teething and wanted a nap at 9am!
Thur Rylie had Kendall over for dressup play. She's been wanting a girlfriend to come over and play big girl stuff for so long. Glad it finally worked out for them to do that. And I didnt get any pics!

Friday Rylie had picture day at school. She came home with a book from the school library. Her first one to check out and bring home! She was so excited about it.
And that catches us up! Scroll down for more of what we've been up to!

Monday, September 24, 2012

First 3D Movie!

Last Saturday, Sep 22 Rylie had a day with her girlfriend Kendall! The mommies, Becca and I, ventured with the girls out to Trader Joes and tried a new store Hubbel and Hudson in the Woodlands looking for good, healthy food for our kids!
The girls had fun pushing a kid shopping cart and helping us!
That night we took the girls to see Finding Nemo in 3D!

It was Rylie's 1st 3D movie! She didnt like the previews but the movie was great. She kept the glasses on and loved it!

 Got some playtime and ice cream mixed in there too. They had so much fun spending the day together! It was great getting out with my big girl while Remy had Daddy time!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Remy's Kindermusik 2

Remy's 2nd Kindermusik class was Wed Sep 19 and she looked so pretty in this dress!
I've never put a smocked dress on any of my girls but I bought this when I was pregnant at a local consignment store for a steal and finally put it on Remy! It kinda felt weird seeing her so girly dressed. lol I feel like she's more of a tomboy than Rylie was! She had another fun, cute class though!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Rylie's 1st Tap Class

Tues Sep 18 Rylie's new dance class started to add tap into it!
Rylie was excited about her new tap shoes!

And Mommy was prepared for our 2nd dance class there! Remy had a nap station all set up with a reclined stroller seat, blanket, lovey, and music player from the pack n play. She napped almost the whole class!

Rylie also got measured for recital costumes. They'll do a recital in Dec and May! Cant wait to see what the costume is!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Remy's 12 Month Updates

I cant believe this is the last sticker picture!
Here are Remy's updates at 12 months (really up to 12 1/2 months since I'm late posting this)

Rylie and I took her to the Dr Tues Sep 11 for her checkup.

She was crazing roaming around the room waiting for the Dr!

Both girls got stir crazy!

Remy had shots at the end (in addition to both girls getting flu shots via nasal spray)

And she was mad at her bandaids and me!

She thought the bandaids were making her legs hurt and just wanted them off! She was fine when we reached the car. She has to go back in Oct for her 2nd flu spray and again in Dec for 15 mos checkup.
  • Her stats from the Dr are 29.5 in long (63%) and weighs 21 lb (49%). Perfect! Just 2 lbs bigger than Rylie and same height!
  • The Dr was a little concerned about Remy walking mostly on her tippy toes still. We've been referred to a physical therapist but I havent looked into it yet.
  • She's finally moved onto just whole milk and off formula. Took awhile. We were doing half/half for awhile and just a week ago we added a little choc to whole milk and she finally drinks it all!
  • Size 3/4 diapers.
  • Size 12-18 or 18 mo clothes. Some 12 still fit but I think 18 looks better.
  • She has size 4.5 wide shoes from Stride Rite but they look like they're getting tight. I'd say she's more a 5 wide but it's hard finding wide shoes! None of Rylie's old shoes fit her!
  • One molar came in, bottom left on Friday Sep 14. More are on the way! She's been teething BAD this past week (and has 4 dirty diapers a day from it)
  • Great eater still!
  • Good sleeper, although random cries sometimes at night then goes back to sleep on her own. Early riser, about 7am or earlier no matter how late she goes down. Still naps twice a day. Morning nap down 10-11 and up about 1230 or 1. Afternoon nap down 230-3 and up about 430 all depending on what we're doing that day!
  • Can take her shirt off.
  • Started peek a boo recently (video on our youtube)
  • Dances a lot! Shakes her head side to side.
  • Started a few words the past week: uh oh, ball (ba), no no, dada, bye bye
  • Literally after her Dr appt after I told the Dr she couldn't do this, she started. Recognizes things we ask her where it is and follows small commands. (i.e. "where's your ball?" "go drink your milk" and she'll go get her sippy or "where is so & so?")
  • Hands you things if you hold your hand out and say "thank you"
  • Waves bye bye with both hands, open close wave
  • Loves to follow and chase Rylie around the house and play with her. She really looks up to big sister.
  • She's still a big stinker, climbing onto or out of things, and getting into mischief. But we still love her so much! She's our sweet sugar and we cant believe she's ONE.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Christmas Bucket List

I know it's not even Fall yet, but Christmas will be here before we know it. I've seen some cute Summer bucket lists going around on blogs and decided this year I'd make a cute Christmas one to remember all the things I'd like to do with my family this holiday season! So here goes our 2012 Christmas bucket list!

I'm thinking of printing it and displaying in a frame so we dont forget anything?

What's on your bucket list this holiday season?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rylie's Almost 5....Update Time

I've tried taking cutesy photos of Rylie lately and she hasnt cooperated so no photos! But here's some updates I want to remember of our big girl right now. I've been working on this for a month.

  • First off, I have to say she's such a good big sister! Truly loves Remy so much. Not so much a fan when she's grabbing her coloring pictures or getting into her things. But Rylie's really sad when Remy's not around (ie at Mimi's alone, Remy's napping, etc).
  • Rylie just has the sweetest heart. We've always known this. She truly cares about other people and prays for those in need. She has great sympathy for those hurt or sad.
  • She loves her school. She goes MWF now and talks a lot about going to "big school" next year.
  • She has gotten better about eating after being a picky, tiny eater for the past 4+ years. Now she whines all day "I'm still hungry!" But mostly she wants to snack on junk all day, which I wont let her do! And even if she says she's full and wont finish her meal, I tell her "ok, dont say you're hungry in an hour." And she say's "I wont say that." Sure enough, 20 min later...."I'm still hungry!"
  • Favorite food right now is Chicken Pot Pie. Asks for it every night.
  • Her favorite veggies to eat are green beans, raw carrots with ranch, cucumber slices with ranch, cooked edamame (I tried shelled pods and she wouldnt eat them), raw broccoli with ranch, and celery with ranch or peanut butter. She also loves salad with ranch (no radishes)
  • Her favorite fruits are apple (she'll eat a whole red one plain and simple!), mandarin oranges, bananas, purple (or black) grapes, raisins, and sometimes peaches and pears. She loves almost any fruit jelly.
  • Started back on naps. I make her lay down every afternoon about 2 or 230 non school days and when she gets home at 245 on school days. Helps her to not be a bear at dinner time!
  • She's quite a character still. She's really into Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies (older ones where they're little) and dressing the same as someone else to "be twins." She also loves the Casper Meets Wendy movie with Hilary Duff and runs around in a red cape with a black "magic wand" we found at the dollar store.
  • OMG does she talk a lot! Never stops. It's so exhausting. She still asks a million questions daily. "How do you spell ____?" or "What does this color and this color mix together into?"
  • Pretty good at basic math. Knows a lot of what plus what equals. No subtraction yet.
  • Still colors a lot! She's moved onto colored pencils. After getting mad at crayons for going flat and not staying in the lines, she went through several packs of markers that dried up, now she's happy with the pencils and sharpener! I'm not kidding when I say she colors probably 10-15 pictures a day.
  • She's a pretty big whiner right now and I think it's just the age. Every little booboo gets a huge crying meltdown and she's a tattle teller lately. "So and so went first on the slide and I was supposed to go first!" or "Remy's trying to get me!" Blah.
  • She will play with anyone! If there's a kid, she'll play with him/her. Last week she said "Mommy! My friends are outside! Can I go play?" I asked who was outside and she said "I dont know their names." I asked how they could be her friends if she didnt know their names. She said "well, I can just ask them what their name is."
  • Cuts well with little scissors. Stays on the line pretty good.
  • Sings all the time! Makes up songs or sings songs from her school chapel.
  • Still loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and that's what she wants her party to be. She says phrases from the show lately like "oh fooee!" or "why does this always happen to me?" 
  • Some funny things she's said lately that I remember:
    • She calls Cheeze-its "Daniel crackers" because the box of them at Mimi's house are her uncle Daniel's and the name just stuck. She told us the other day "At school they call these cheeze-its because they dont know who Daniel is."
    • She asked me what heaven looks like and I said whatever she wants it to look like. She said "I want a sky and palm trees and New York City!" (NYC is from Eloise whom she also loves right now.)


Monday, September 17, 2012

Early Fall and Surprise Friend Visit!

I've been burning my fall scented candles for a week now and pretending it's cooler outside.
So Saturday I got festive and put out the fall decor early! Because ya know stores will soon be sold out of fall decor before fall actually arrives and I wanted to see what I had and decide if I needed anything new before they're all gone!

I got new pillows too! These pictures are from the dining room and I dont like them here. They'll go back in the dining room. But I love my new pillows. Just a mix of different ones from different stores to make it more cozy.

More fall decor on the entrance table

Love this time of year =)

Sunday Rylie had a surprise! Owen and Ethan came to visit! Trying to get a picture of all 4 kids was a task.

But I got a couple cute shots.

They were in town for lots of things and stopped by for a quick visit before heading home.

Rylie was so happy to see her friends and play outside.

Loves her swing!

Ethan and his daddy working on the playhouse

Susan and myself
So good to see you guys! Cant believe how big our kids are getting and hopefully it wont be another 5ish months before we see each other again!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Conway's 2nd Birthday Party

Saturday I took Remy to her first birthday party to be invited to! It was for her friend Conway who lives down the street and is in her Kindermusik class. I took way too many pictures of course!
She was excited and carried the present in!

The party was at Kids in Action so I was excited to let her have her own fun for the first time and Rylie had a fun day with David.

"You mean I get to climb here?"

"All right!"

Remy had a stalker at the party too ;-) He was seriously smitten with her!

Remy was hilarous hanging on this bar. I barely held her and she loved it.

Roller coaster fun!
The birthday boy in his cute Dr Seuss shirt to match the theme
Conway's big sister Carey is such a sweet girl. Remy just walked up and sat in her lap! Future babysitter!

Course she loved the balloon balls!

Remy and Grayson

They pulls out blankets for another activity and Remy thought "naptime? ok!"

I honestly think this was her first time to see bubbles. lol

"Hmm....everyone's putting these fish in that bucket. I think I'll keep mine."

" you go."

Hehe! Trying to sit and bounce on the ball.

Parachute fun!

And her stalker again. =) So cute.

Is this not the most fabulous display??

Seriously too much cuteness. Those are individual cookies on little stands on the shelves of that board. And that's a cake in the middle and more cookies on the table.

Seriously....adorable cake and the cookies behind it! They tasted good too!

Cute green eggs and ham snacks.

Conway the birthday boy and his cake!

Thank you so much for inviting us Conway! Remy and I had so much fun!