Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wednesday Loving!

Well, I have to start off with LOVING the US Women's Gymnastics team taking home GOLD yesterday!

I get crazy excited about the Summer olympics!

SO SO SO freaking excited I cried.

I'm also LOVING that August is here! It's our craziest month with my family reunion, nephew's birthday party and my sister graduating college--all of these taking place 3 hours away on separate weekends!
And August also means Remy will soon be ONE and Rylie will soon be FIVE. Time for birthday party mode! I LOVE children's birthday parties and would host 5 a year if I could!

I'm LOVING that I dont have to cook dinner tonight because there's leftovers of this yummy meal I made last night....
Spaghetti squash spaghetti (no real noodles), green beans, and low carb garlic toast! So good!

And I'm LOVING that all my clothes have been so baggy this week! Metabolism Miracle can be hard but it's completely working for me! LOVING that my cookbook for the program arrived yesterday too!

And I'm LOVING that the girls and I have a lunchdate today with some girlfriends that we havent seen in awhile!

Hope you're having a LOVING Wednesday!

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Amy Powell said...

I love that our girls won the Olympics!! it was so great to watch!

have a lovely day :)