Thursday, August 16, 2012

Visiting Carter & Sophie

Tuesday I took the girls to Katy Mills mall and our friends Carter and Sophie who moved out there a few months ago joined us! We hadnt seen them since they moved so we were excited to catch up. I took way too many pictures. There was just too much cuteness in the 4 girls together! We got to play at their house a little after shopping too. Lots of giggles! Cant wait to see them again!

Rylie, Carter, Sophie, Remy

Rylie's quite excited!

Rainforest lunch

Remy the whole time at RC! Mesmerized!

Beauty shop at Carter's

Cant even stand the precious in this photo

Sweet babies! Cant believe Sophie's already one and Remy's right behind her.

Remy LOVED the boy cabbage patch doll. A little too much =)

Sophie got hurt and cried and Remy came over to comfort her

And kissed her hand. So sweet.

Do you think Rylie was tired after a day full of fun?!

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