Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thursday Swim with Friends

Last Thursday I took both girls to our neighborhood pool again. It was so perfect going last Mon but I guess I cant have 2 perfect days in one week Ha!
All Rylie wants to do there now is go down the big slide and swim in the deep pool with her floaty! Which is great!

So much more fun now! But Remy first experienced walking around the shallow kiddie pool with fountains and didnt want to go back in her floaty after that. So it was a struggle between watching Rylie in the deep pool and being across the pool at the shallow end with Remy and these slides blocking the view of Rylie and chasing after Remy who kept felling face first in the 1 ft deep water. lol We finally just stayed at the deep end and tried to keep Remy happy. We didnt last long though. We still had fun with our friends!
Raegan and Lauren

Rylie and Charlotte jumping in the deep end

Charlotte and Rylie swimming with their matching floaties

Allison is already swimming on her own with no floaties!

And of course this little tot looking for trouble

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