Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Past Week

This past week we've had no where to be. No school or swim lessons. So the girls thought they'd just drive me crazy! =)

We went to the store Monday for groceries and it bout did me in. I hate having to go with both of them. Even with toys and snacks and strapped good in the 2-seater cart they're crazy and we usually have to make at least 2 potty stops.

I did attempt some bow making during naps. I havent made bows in 2 years so I was a little dusty but I did make this really cute one.

These girls and their loveys. So sweet.

They've loved playing together a lot this week.

Rylie got dressed and asked me to take her picture and held this pose while I grabbed the camera. Such a model.

Remy turned 11 months old Thursday (that post is coming!) so I made her birthday invitations and drew out the table food setup and decor. Doesnt everyone do that?

Rylie helped me make her invitation too and she drew it out. She's so excited about it.

Friday she got dressed and accessorized and looked so cute.

We played outside for awhile in the morning.

It's been so disgustingly humid we havent been out much.

Sweetest girls in the world.

3 more weeks til school starts and Remy begins Kindermusik!

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