Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sick Girl. Cancelled Weekend.

Thursday night Rylie got sick a few times. We never heard her and she never woke us up. She just thought she'd wipe her mess with some tissues (it was only on the floor) then get back in bed and go to sleep. But at 6am I woke up hearing her gagging and we found the "other" times she'd gotten sick. We cleaned her up, cleaned the carpets, and she was acting fine after that. Like she just needed to get it out of her. She ate breakfast and later the girls and I headed out on a few errands to get ready for a BIG weekend we had planned ahead of us. We were going to leave Friday afternoon for Waco to see my mom and dad, then Saturday morning was my family reunion in Burleson that we were very excited to attend. We missed last year because I was so pregnant and couldn't make the long drive. THEN after the reunion we were going to head up to Ft Worth to visit our friends Owen and Ethan and on Sunday we were going to stop at Erin's house to see her new baby Caleb and Caiden.
(breaks screeching)
Not so fast. On our way to run errands, Rylie got sick again in my car. Big time. I immediately ran into CVS we were right by, got her some anti-nausea meds, and rushed home to clean her up, give Remy lunch and put down for nap, and clean my car out. I called the Dr office and they had an opening late that afternoon but turned out Rylie's friend also had the same sick bug it seemed and they had to wait forever in the Dr office due to most likely this bug going around and a shortage of doctors in that day. So we decided to bypass the Dr and just stay home with meds. That meant cancelling our entire weekend. =( So so bummed but we had to do it!
Rylie never got sick again but developed a fever Friday afternoon. It was gone by lunch Saturday but we just stayed home and she slowly rebounded back. Hated.....hated that this happened at the very last second of our big weekend but sometimes these things just happen and there's nothing we can do. I know we had a lot of commitments with the reunion that I'd been working on for weeks but hopefully everyone understands. And I really REALLY hope next year we actually make it up there!
I only took this picture all weekend. Rylie fell asleep on her little couch and to keep Remy a safe distance from her I had to set up the little cage in the corner for her to play with her toys. I just pray Remy doesnt end up getting whatever bug this was too.

And that was our weekend!

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EMonaghan said...

So sad we didn't get to see you! Glad she's better though. Coincidentally my sister had to cancel her visit here this weekend bc Addison got lice. Yuck! Two cancelled visits in two weekends=no good