Friday, August 17, 2012

Remy's 11 Months Old!

Remy turned 11 months old last Thursday, August 9!

 The biggest update is she's walking!

  • July 9 she took 1-2 steps several times, July 13 she took 3 steps, July 16 took 5 steps, July 28 took 8 steps, and August 11 she just decided to walk all the time and not crawl anymore.
  • Waves bye bye-1st time July 23
  • Claps her hands-1st time July 25
  • Dances to music-bounces and sways side to side
  • Does this horrible high pitch shriek a lot
  • Loves to eat! She'll eat anything pretty much and eats more than sister
  • On sippy cups! No more bottles! August 3 was 1st day on them. Drinks 3 8oz sippies a day.
  • Tried milk once and hated it
  • She's so funny. She'll try to get into something she knows is off limits, and she'll look at me with this mischievous grin like she's waiting for me to say "no" then tries to get into it.
  • Still naps 1-2 hours in morning and afternoon each and sleeps about 12 hours at night.
  • Had her sized for shoes and she's a 4 1/2 wide. Way bigger than Rylie at this age! I think I'll have to get Remy all new shoes from here on. But she hates wearing shoes!
  • Wears 12mos, 6-12mos clothes and some 12-18mos or 18mos if they run small.
  • Size 3 diaper
  • Blows kisses-well just makes a smacking sound like she is
  • Climbs the entire staircase! We're on the hunt for new stair gates-ones she cant climb!
  • She grabs something she knows she's not supposed to and then tries to run off with it.
  • She loves her big sister the most and loves playing with her and jumping on her.
  • She's a daddy's girl at night, mommy's girl by day. When David comes home from work he cant even change without holding her first. She gets so excited to see him and says "Dada."


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    Jennifer said...

    Such a great mommy, keeping track of all of those milestones!