Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Last Summer Camp Water Fun

Last Thursday was Rylie's last day in her Summer camp. They did a fun water day for it this year and Rylie said she wanted me to go to chapel and the water party with her. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only mom who attends so much school activities and sometimes I feel like people look at me weird for dragging my infant along to all these activities. BUT I made a promise to myself before Remy was born. I would not step back on being involved and active in Rylie's school fun just because I have another baby. So anytime I start to question if I should really go, I just ask myself "Would I go if I didnt have another baby?" Yes, I would. So I did. And I hope to for one more year of Rylie's preschool days and then I dont know how I'm going to do it balancing between Remy preschool parties and Rylie's Kindergarden parties. I'll just have to tackle that when it comes. But for now, here's pictures from Rylie's last Summer camp fun.......

Pink dress in center singing in chapel

She loves singing and dancing to all the songs in chapel

Storytime and prayer

Back to classroom for a cute snack

pretzel rods with frosting and "catching a goldfish" on them

then water time! (and Remy spent all this time on my hip in a sling so no pictures of her)

they had a big foam pit that rylie liked

and the big shark slide! she was so excited this was back!

so much fun! i only stayed for water fun for an hour and then remy and i headed home for nap and lunch. rylie still had the rest of the day to finish at school then we picked her up and took her to get a sonic treat.
grape cream slush. healthy huh? lol we dont do this often at all!

and now we're on break until fall session starts in sep! no school or swim for a whole month! what are we going to do to keep from going crazy??

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