Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Future Olympians

Wednesday evening was also Rylie's last swim lesson! She was SO excited because she's been watching the Olympics all week and just thought she would be a pro at class now.

Way out there with her arms up-so excited!

She swam so good on her own with barely any help from her teacher. She kept telling her teacher she wanted to swim in the olympics and her teacher asked me "remember when she was terrified to get in just 2 months ago?" huge success! And this was our last class for awhile. I think Rylie's good for now.

Rylie also called "the Olympics" last week to ask them if she could swim in the olympics. It was the funniest thing. I saw her on the toy phone saying "uh-huh......yeah......ok....." and I asked who she was talking to and she put her hand over the mouth of the phone and told me then got back on the phone and said "Oh sorry about that. That was just my mommy." and kept going. It was too funny so I had to grab the camera and told her to say it all over again and this is what I got....

Love her imprompt acting!

And Remy's thinking of being the next big gymnast!

She climbed on her kitchen and just stood there not holding on like she was so proud of herself!

"Ok...ready to see my dismount???"

"Ok....here I go....."

"Oh hey Daddy. Alright I'll quit playing and get down."

Stinker! I had to take the kitchen away because she wouldn't quit climbing on it! So yall cheer my girls on when they make the Olympics someday!


~Shelly~ said...

She seriously cracks me up with all that climbing! We had a kid at ACL one time that climbed to the very top of his entertainment center while his mom was cooking dinner one night. LOL he was a true climber. Will never forget that kid. Karlton was his name. Bright red hair. ANyway.. she is beginning to follow in his footsteps! Beware lolol!!

Ashlee said...

LOL oh yeah Remy's climbing up the bottom of the entertainment center but legs still too short to pull her knees up. I seriously get nothing done at home because I have to be behind her all the time keeping her out of trouble then when she naps I'm so tired I just wanna lay down and enjoy the quiet!