Sunday, August 5, 2012

Farewell Cady

Wednesday we met some girlfriends for lunch to say goodbye to Rylie's sweet friend Cady. Their family is moving to Arkansas =( I feel like all we've done lately is say goodbye to friends.

Cady on the left and Charlotte on the other side of her and Rylie and Kate on the right coloring

After lunch the girls did the splash pad

Remster had fun at lunch too. An empty water bottle is her new favorite toy so that kept her occupied. 

Group picture!
Ella (Kate's sister),Rylie, Charlotte, Cady, Kate

Rylie and Cady have been sweet friends for 3 1/2 years! All since Kindermusik. They've done Kindermusik, dance, Summer library, lots of playdates, and attended the same school this year. Lots of fun memories! We're really going to miss them. I had to do a little trip down memory lane with these cute pictures....

jan 2010

cady, rylie, charlotte spring 2010 kmusik

summer 2010 library

rylie, charlotte, cady--the girls pop group summer 2010

the girls starting their 1st dance class & miss sandy who taught them kindermusik fall 2010

cady, kate, kendall, rylie spring 2011

summer school together summer 2011

another year at dance fall 2011

dance recital may 2012

end of dance party and the girls wed at lunch

Rylie's had a hard time with so many friends moving lately. Owen, Carter, Cady, and her friend Emmery from school. She's been asking if her other friends are moving away too or if we're going to move away and leave everyone. I really hope nobody else is leaving anytime soon. Rylie's first prayer before bed Wed night was "be with cady for she is moving tomorrow." She genuinely cares about each and every one of her friends and we're all going to miss Cady and her family!

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