Friday, August 24, 2012

Closet Cleanout Part One!

I cleaned out my half of our master closet last week and am so excited about it! I worked so hard during every nap Remy took and Rylie helped a little too. Now I want to just hang out in my closet lol And yes, I took photos!
I usually keep my closet clean regularly but it just got out of control last week and I just HAD to purge a lot of things! So glad I did!
Entering, my side on the right before and after
Right side of closet before and after
Closet door closed before and after
My shoe rack in middle of closet before and after
Purses on display all pretty now

Cute boxes on display by purses
Now I just need to finish David's side and it'll be all done! Amazing how much happier I am getting dressed in the morning in a nice cleaned out closet! 

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Jennifer said...

Great job organizing! Cute desk!