Monday, August 13, 2012

Abby's Birthday & Back to School Shopping

Saturday I took Rylie to the mall for some back to school shopping. We were loaded with coupons for several stores! Unfortunately we werent having much luck =/ She's just outgrown the baby/toddler section and I'm just not loving most of the kid girl styles.

While in Dillards they were having kids day. This lady was dressed like a "princess" that Rylie thought was Belle. They said Rylie could try on any outfit, bow, shoes, etc in the store and have a free picture taken. She picked this owl outfit. (I really wanted this cute apple one but Rylie insisted on the owl).
Then they did a free little photo op and we got this free print.

We also went to our neighbor's birthday party. Rylie and Raegan played together.

Roller coaster!

Rylie and her new friend Abby. She moved into Carter's house. Abby just turned 5 and Rylie likes playing with her.

Then Rylie and I headed back to the mall to try a few more stores. We did find Remy's birthday party outfit! We were headed down to BabyGap and Rylie said "I sure wish I could have a overall and pink shirt." I was like what?! why? She said to be like Alyssa and Amanda. That's MaryKate and Ashley Olsen in the movie "It Takes Two." I got it from netflix for her thinking she'd like it and she's obsessed with it now! SO anyway, we walk into Gap and head straight for the clearance rack and behold a pair of overall shorts randomly there with no tag. We tried them on and they're big but she was over the moon about them (and they were dirt cheap!)

I found her a pink shirt later on and she's in heaven! Of all the things, this is the outfit that makes her the happiest. lol

We also got this cute one that I wanted to see her try on and she wouldn't give me a smile but she looks so grown up in it! I love back to school shopping for her.

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Amber said...

Wow she looks a lot like the Olsen twins! If you're looking for cute age appropriate clothes you should check out Lolly Wolly Doodle on facebook!