Friday, August 31, 2012

Saturday Morning Play & Living Room Camping

Saturday August 25, 2012
We hung out and played in the living room all morning!


Then set up Rylie's tent, kiddie air mattress and sleeping bag for a living room campout!

Complete with a dvd campfire!
She loved it and actually slept great!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

In 10 Days

This tiny baby will be ONE.
I have to go cry now...

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Last Week

Pretty much sums it up!
After our Waco day trip I wasnt feeling well Sunday. Just so tired. Felt better Mon then Tues started feeling back again with allergies. So we literally went no where last week and lounged around. These girlies have been stir crazy! Just one more week at home this week and then school starts next week! CANNOT WAIT!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Saturday in Waco

Last Saturday (the 18th) we drove up to Waco for a short visit. My sister graduated from TSTC Friday night and we'd planned to go but decided on going Saturday instead so David wouldn't have to take off work and we could actually visit with them. We stopped first at the outlet mall on the way since they opened an hour early. We got there right when they opened and got the girls new shoes at Stride Rite outlet. So glad we stopped then because I got the girls each a pair and they were the last ones in their sizes and buy one get one 1/2 off and they said they wouldn't hold anything since it was tax-free weekend. I also got Rylie's "Santa" gift at the Disney outlet I'm excited bout.
We finally got to Waco at lunchtime and met Shelly and her girls Kinley and Presley. Kinley and Rylie were BUSY coloring!
I CANNOT believe they'll both be 5 soon!

Remster looking for trouble. She hated that highchair!

Presley was such a happy good baby! I hadnt seen her since Feb when she was a week old! So glad we got to catch up with these girls!

Then we headed to meet my mom, sister, and nephews at the childrens museum.

The girls had fun but my nephews didnt make it afterall =( SO bummed.

Rylie and Remy played for hours until closing.

Only picture of both girls' new shoes. Rylie's lightup-her first pair to do that and she's just over the moon about them. My camera and cell phone died after this photo. We had a great dinner at Buzzard Billy's after the museum and Rylie got to feed the hundred turtles in the Brazos river off the dock of the restaurant. She loved that. I sure miss Buzzard Billy's. We also didnt realize it was "move in" weekend for Baylor (the museum and BB is on campus) and saw a lot of freshmen moving in. OMG they looked like little kids! Since when did college freshmen look so young?! I suddenly felt old.
It was nice to be back for a quick visit. Til next time!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Roses and Popsicles

Last Friday David brought home a treat for his girls.
One rose for each of us!

Rylie picked the red one and loved it. Later that night Remy was in bed, David was finishing yard work and Rylie was helping me finish my closet. David came running in and said "the ice cream truck's coming! Do yall want something?" Rylie of course yelled "yeah!" So David bolted out the door, running full force down the street chasing the ice cream truck yelling and waving "ice cream man!" LOL Rylie and I were just dying laughing! So hilarious.
And she was in heaven with her ice cream treat. Perfect Summer night.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Closet Cleanout Part One!

I cleaned out my half of our master closet last week and am so excited about it! I worked so hard during every nap Remy took and Rylie helped a little too. Now I want to just hang out in my closet lol And yes, I took photos!
I usually keep my closet clean regularly but it just got out of control last week and I just HAD to purge a lot of things! So glad I did!
Entering, my side on the right before and after
Right side of closet before and after
Closet door closed before and after
My shoe rack in middle of closet before and after
Purses on display all pretty now

Cute boxes on display by purses
Now I just need to finish David's side and it'll be all done! Amazing how much happier I am getting dressed in the morning in a nice cleaned out closet! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Thursday Swim with Friends

Last Thursday I took both girls to our neighborhood pool again. It was so perfect going last Mon but I guess I cant have 2 perfect days in one week Ha!
All Rylie wants to do there now is go down the big slide and swim in the deep pool with her floaty! Which is great!

So much more fun now! But Remy first experienced walking around the shallow kiddie pool with fountains and didnt want to go back in her floaty after that. So it was a struggle between watching Rylie in the deep pool and being across the pool at the shallow end with Remy and these slides blocking the view of Rylie and chasing after Remy who kept felling face first in the 1 ft deep water. lol We finally just stayed at the deep end and tried to keep Remy happy. We didnt last long though. We still had fun with our friends!
Raegan and Lauren

Rylie and Charlotte jumping in the deep end

Charlotte and Rylie swimming with their matching floaties

Allison is already swimming on her own with no floaties!

And of course this little tot looking for trouble

Friday, August 17, 2012

Remy's 11 Months Old!

Remy turned 11 months old last Thursday, August 9!

 The biggest update is she's walking!

  • July 9 she took 1-2 steps several times, July 13 she took 3 steps, July 16 took 5 steps, July 28 took 8 steps, and August 11 she just decided to walk all the time and not crawl anymore.
  • Waves bye bye-1st time July 23
  • Claps her hands-1st time July 25
  • Dances to music-bounces and sways side to side
  • Does this horrible high pitch shriek a lot
  • Loves to eat! She'll eat anything pretty much and eats more than sister
  • On sippy cups! No more bottles! August 3 was 1st day on them. Drinks 3 8oz sippies a day.
  • Tried milk once and hated it
  • She's so funny. She'll try to get into something she knows is off limits, and she'll look at me with this mischievous grin like she's waiting for me to say "no" then tries to get into it.
  • Still naps 1-2 hours in morning and afternoon each and sleeps about 12 hours at night.
  • Had her sized for shoes and she's a 4 1/2 wide. Way bigger than Rylie at this age! I think I'll have to get Remy all new shoes from here on. But she hates wearing shoes!
  • Wears 12mos, 6-12mos clothes and some 12-18mos or 18mos if they run small.
  • Size 3 diaper
  • Blows kisses-well just makes a smacking sound like she is
  • Climbs the entire staircase! We're on the hunt for new stair gates-ones she cant climb!
  • She grabs something she knows she's not supposed to and then tries to run off with it.
  • She loves her big sister the most and loves playing with her and jumping on her.
  • She's a daddy's girl at night, mommy's girl by day. When David comes home from work he cant even change without holding her first. She gets so excited to see him and says "Dada."