Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Standing Remy & Lunch Date

These were taken last Wednesday.

Finally a picture of Remy standing on her own! She's doing it a lot more lately-going a little more than 10-15 sec at a time.

She looks like she's just going to take off! She started last week getting to standing on her own without pulling up on anything. She does it a lot outside in the grass.

She looks so big here! Just moved into 12 month clothes.

Still as trouble as ever!

She loves this pink dolly!

It was mine when I was little. My dad gave it to me for Christmas when I was 5. Nothing special about the doll but I kept it and both my girls have loved it and played with it. =)

Last Wednesday Rylie also had a lunch date with Logan! When he walked into Panera, Rylie said "Hello L-O-G-A-N!" lol

They wanted to take pictures of each other. Rylie took this one of Logan.

And Logan took this one of Rylie lol

Rylie drew a picture for Logan that morning. It's a picture of "Logan's baby sister." We couldn't make Natalie's baby shower this past weekend so we were glad to meet them up for lunch & give her some goodies. She's having baby Emme this month! Logan is seriously the sweetest little boy. He told Rylie "That was nice of you to draw a picture of my baby sister."


~Shelly~ said...

So crazy how fast Remy has grown!! I guess thats just what happens with baby #2!? They are both too cute- love the doll, that is sweet!

EMonaghan said...

I can't believe Remy's standing up! And I haven't even met her. Pure craziness