Monday, July 2, 2012

Swim Lesson 3 and 4

Last Wednesday Rylie did her 3rd swim lesson. Or not did it I should say. We arrived and were then told her teacher wasnt there today & someone else would do the class. If you know Rylie at all, you should know this big tip-she doesnt adjust well to changes. Especially last-minute changes. She's extremely sensitive about this! I tried telling her calming in a positive way and it still didnt go well.

She finally got in the water and swam down and back with the teacher and then came running to me bursting in tears. This teacher didnt know her fear of swimming and she'd just warmed up to miss Tiffany. Plus this sub was a guy. I dont think she was comfortable with that. She was breaking down so hard, hyperventalating, and letting out huge, heavy sobs.

This in turn made Remy upset. So I had Remy screaming, Rylie clinging to me for dear life crying her heart out in a soaking wet swimsuit and lessons were over in 15 minutes. We weren't making it! I just decided to take the girls home.

This past Wednesday Rylie was ready for lessons & determined to do it!

And her teacher miss Tiffany was back! (She could so have a job as a Disney Princess by the way, super sweet and pretty)

And Rylie did a great job! In the deep end! Without screaming bloody murder! Woohoo! So this was the last lesson we'd signed up for but we're going to go again in July since she's doing so well and it'll be another month free. Cant beat that!


EMonaghan said...

I was afraid how Caiden would do this session with a male teacher, but he surprised me and does fine!

~Shelly~ said...

Aww that is so sad! I hate taking the girls anywhere by myself bc that's what happens to me every time it seems! Im already ready for the older years LOL! Glad she has done so well tho!