Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Remy's 10 Months Old!

I took this picture last week and wrote these updates but I'm late getting this posted.
Last Monday, July 9 Remy turned 10 months old!

Here's what she's up to:
    • Wears mostly 12 mos clothes, some 9 mos, and wears both 6-12 and 12-18 mo. All depends on the brand and kind of clothes they are.
    • Wears size 3/4 shoe or 6-12 mo pedipeds.
    • Wears size 3 diaper.
    • Eating schedule: 7oz bottle, 2 mini pancake/waffle, half banana for breakfast. 7oz bottle, cut up deli meat or chicken nuggets, cheese, cut up fruit or applesauce for lunch, 4oz bottle and baby snack crackers for snack (IF she has snack that day), 7oz bottle and a little of whatever we're having for dinner. She's a great eater and has been off baby food since turning 9 mos old! Still drinks Similac sensitive or HEB/Target generic versions of it.
    • Does a "happy" dance when she's eating if it's something she loves. She moves side to side really fast and makes a "mmm" sound with a smile =)
    • Finally said "Mama!" on the plane on the way home from Maine 7.7.12 So happy to finally hear that!
    • If you scrunch your nose and make a heavy sniff sound, she'll mimick you. It's her "mean face" just like Rylie used to do.
    • Stands for about 15+ seconds on her own at a time.
    • She's still a pincher and a biter....not as much lately though.
    • Still just 8 teeth, but I think more are coming soon. She's been drooling more, chewing more than usual on things, extra fussy, and grabbing her cheek and ear.
    • Loves her pink lovey! Immediately lays down and snuggles with it and sucks her right thumb. I think she's going to be left-handed. Doesnt like pacis.
    • Not a fan of the jumper anymore but still goes in it sometimes. She just doesnt like to be contained at all!
    • Lucky to have clothes on most days lol She's very hard to dress.
    • Sleeps about 730pm-8 or 830am. Morning nap 11am-1pm. Sometimes I wake her at 12 or 1230 for lunch. Afternoon nap about 230 or 3pm-4pm depending on how her morning nap went. This works best for now with our schedule of taking Rylie to and from school and not interrupting her nap time.

Here's a few cute pictures of Remy this past week

Only Remy would get stuck in a chair like this. She prefers to crawl through small spaces instead of just going around them lol
Taking a few steps!
I love her new outfit Rylie and I got at Gymboree for $10!

Checking out sister's new toys.

4 months and 10 months

I'm really getting into first birthday planning mode now!

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