Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recent Cuteness

I havent blogged much lately about just what the girls are up to. So it's time for a camera dump with some recent pictures! This might be long...

First off, last Tues and Thur when I dropped Rylie off at school in the car line, Remy cried. =( She missed her sister. So sweet. Melted my heart!

Last Sunday (not this past, but the one before) Rylie and I had a girls day to the Woodlands and she got her haircut.
Remy went to Mimi's while David worked. Rylie woke up sad Remy wasnt  here and said with a pout "but I just wanted to say hi to my baby sister." Such a sweet girl.

This crazy girl!

She dressed & accessorized herself!

It poured on the way there and was pretty cool for July. But finally we made it to the salon. She thought this was so funny! She said she looks like Minnie Mouse!

She really wanted a short, short cut again like Rapunzel's "new hair" in the wedding video (yes, she's still on that Rapunzel biz!) BUT Mommy just couldn't bear another big change in my Rylie again. I really really missed her long hair and I was afraid she'd cry after again wanting the longer hair back. So she just did a tiny trim, you cant even tell it's been cut but Rylie likes it and so do I.

While at the mall Rylie's big "todo" was to get a hand sanitizer little holder thingy for her school backpack. A few of her friends last semester had them and she really liked that. So she picked out a cute pink puppy one and a pretty smelly sanitizer and was on cloud nine!

We just "visited" the Disneystore and ended up picking out a little gift for Remy's 1st birthday coming up from Rylie since she loves Mickey a lot. Hope she likes it!

Little tot's always busy looking for trouble, trying to walk some more-still at just about 5 steps.

This past Friday Rylie went to work at Mimi's office and Remy decided to get her car toy to drive over to see her.

She has been LOVING sister's old kitchen toy! It's right at her height in the shortened form. Yes, she cooks in her diaper. hehe

This past Sunday she climbed on top of the kitchen & just chilled! CRAZY girl!

 She started waving "bye-bye" Monday at lunch and was so proud of herself! Then today she clapped for the first time and was equally proud of herself! I took some pictures at the gym while we hung out waiting to hear if swim would be cancelled. (It was due to bad weather. Rylie cried. Poor girl!)

She'll now do it when you say "clap" but only waves when she wants.

She was a goober at lunch 2 weeks ago and couldn't quit laughing! Here's video....

And another video of Remy "raising the roof" like sister used to do.

This was at Olive Garden almost 2 weeks ago (btw, Remster probably ate her weight in spaghetti! She LOVED it! Then she sat back in that highchair with her arms flailed back and let out a big sigh of fulfillment. It was hilarious!)

Cute sisters playing Sunday. Sometimes Rylie's a little rough with Remy. She likes to pick her up from behind and carry her around or hug her real tight. Mostly though Remy loves playing with big sister and Rylie always wants to know where her sissy is or be with her too.

Rylie and I were watching the new show Bunheads one day (from creators of Gilmore Girls-OUR show!) and she wanted to be a ballet girl and dressed herself for the part.

And one more random picture!

 Lookout HEB! Remy's behind the wheel now too! I think Rylie's been waiting Remy's whole life to sit with her in the "car cart" This was their first time to ride together and they both loved it! Kept them occupied too!

BTW-I SWEAR I put bows on Remy! I really do everyday now. They just seem to always be off when I take pictures. Poor baby looks like a boy lol


Stefany said...

Such cute little girls!!!!

Kaci Scarlet said...

Cuteness overload! Seriously can't get over how beautiful those two little ones are :)